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Welcome to my Contact Me page!

Do you have questions?
Do you want to talk to me about advertising on It’s my life…?
Do you want to talk to me about my novel Aloha Also Means Goodbye?

No problem!

I can be found on Facebook and Facebook Messenger pretty much any time: kikarose.

And since my phone is pretty much grafted to my hand you can always email me:

Don’t be shy! I love making new friends!

In the meantime, have a fabulous day,

3 responses

  • Caroli Johnson

    Dear Jessica
    I just read many of your blogs. I just love the way you write with such gentleness and truth. I think you must share similar stories with so many women. Please keep writing and sharing your story. This summer I will read your book. Love to your girls. Caroli

  • sergiu

    Hello, keep writing, I like your blog, I’m trying to relish each of the word…

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