Ripples of kindness – I need your help

standard December 8, 2010 15 responses

I love doing little random acts of kindness. Helping a stranger here, doing a favor for a friend there. It makes me happy to give someone an unexpected reason to smile.

Last year Yahoo! organized a “pay it forward” campaign, urging people to perpetuate random acts of kindness. The campaign was so successful that they’re doing it again this year – and asking the Yahoo! Motherboard to help spread the word.

So here’s the deal.

I get $100 of seed money to start the ball rolling. Now, $100 in tiny increments can go a long way and while I know that kind of money could make a big difference to one family or one person, the challenge here is to create random acts of kindness, not random acts of charity.

I considered buying a $100 Starbucks card and asking the baristas to “buy” coffee for all the regulars at my Starbucks.
I considered paying for someone’s gas.
I considered buying a bunch of paperback books and leaving them in public places.
Then I considered asking you.

So, what are your thoughts. If you had $100 to spread some kindness, what would you do?

How about if I told you that I’ll give $50 to the two best ideas so you can go out and put them into effect. (This is above and beyond what Yahoo! is sponsoring for this project and not the money Yahoo! is giving me. That money will go towards the random acts of kindness you inspire.)

I’ll pick the two best ideas to seed $50 to on Friday December 17th. You can comment and let me know that you’re not interested in the money. That said, this is a kindness sharing campaign. If I send you the money I’m counting on you to do the right thing.

If you need inspiration hop on over to the Yahoo! Ripples of Kindness page where people are sharing their acts of kindness. It’s neat to see.

So go on, go forth and comment and help me spread some joy already. Please?

*** PLEASE NOTE: This is for random acts of KINDNESS. I give to charity. This is different. This is bringing a smile to a stranger or friend completely and utterly regardless of need.****