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A Week in the Mountains: Wordless Wednesday

standard August 1, 2012 2 responses

A mere 5 hours away from our home lies an incredible lake. We hadn’t been for the last two years. I’m glad we went.

Knee deep water forever. Kid heaven.

Chairlift to the top!

Still room for silly

And for sisterly love

Beauty as far as the eye can see.

Ok, ok, I’ll spare you the other 150 pictures I took. Check out everyone else’s Wordless Wednesday though!

Wordless Wednesday – The Fun Farm

standard June 6, 2012 2 responses

Sunday morning (after I dislocated my rib and somehow worked it back into place…) we packed up the kids and headed to a local “historical” farm. It’s unclear who had more fun, the kids or the grown-ups.

Little L… pretty delighted with the sheep.
M… equally delighted.

We put C to work milling corn.
Little L was the self appointed “work checker.”
Can’t believe this mama didn’t use a nursing cover!
This goat wanted some food!
Lucky for her, M was more than happy to oblige!

Happy as pigs in… mud! (They use it as sunscreen!)
Look! A chicken!
And a peacock in a tree…. say wah?

The entire day was magical, sore back and all. Sometimes in the midst of all the end-of-year angst, all you need is a little moment with a couple animals who only care about where their next meal is coming to feel like all is right with the world again.

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Wordless Wednesday: The HTC One S edition

standard May 29, 2012 4 responses

I, like every other blogging mom on the planet, lug around a huge purse. It contains all my mommy stuff and a bunch of bloggy stuff like a notebook, pens, and a camera as well as my phone and all the cords and accessories I might need while I’m out and about.

This week, thanks to my awesome husband, I lightened the load a bit.

I got a new phone.

You’d think that would just trade one load for another, but the camera on this phone is so much better than any point-and-shoot camera I have ever owned that I can finally take my camera and its accessories out of my purse. I can also stop lamenting the fact that I can never remember where I left the camcorder.

This weekend we took a hike and I gave the HTC One S’s camera a whirl.

Such little girls in front of such a big world.
The beauty of where we live never ceases to amaze me.
That is not a puppy. It is a baby lamb. The girls were fans.
Yes, that is a panoramic shot of the view. Yes, I took it with my phone. Yes, it is awesome.

I have a feeling there will be a noticeable increase in photos taken in the next few months…

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