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For those who need help chosing wine, like me

standard November 20, 2012 Leave a response

I grew up in France so it goes almost without saying that there was always wine on our dinner table. Of course I was never the one who bought the wine, I just got a sip here or there. I knew about legs, about color, about smelling it the right way. I knew about different types of grapes and a host of other things most kids I’m sure never learn about.

To be fair, I never really cared all that much about the wine so I maybe, possibly, didn’t really pay a whole lot of attention to the frequently doled out wine lessons.

(Can you all picture my father shaking his head sadly as he reads this? I can.) 

Fast forward a few (ok fine, many) years and I’m a grown-up. (Honest. It says so on my driver’s license.) And I’m old enough to buy wine on my own. (Again, seriously, it says so on my driver’s license.) And yet, since I never actually paid attention when my parents bought wine or lectured me about it, my extensive wine knowledge never really graduated past “red for meat, white for fish,” and maybe something about never following white with red, though that could have been a maxim about hard alcohol and wine, I’m not sure.

In any case, the first time I stood in front of a shelf of wine bottles, wondering what on earth I should buy, I did the unthinkable.

I purchased the bottle with the cute label.

Oh. Yes I did.

And it was good.

So the next time I bought wine? I went for a different cute label. And so my wine purchases have gone, lo, these many years.

I know, it’s pathetic, but what can I say, I don’t really want to understand wine, I just want to enjoy it and relax. And I can’t be the only one who just wants to be told what to buy or be incited by a cute label or there wouldn’t be wines with cute labels!

The people at Likelli understand that at the end of a hard day the second to last thing many women wants to do is to sit and think about which wine will pair best with what meal, and the last thing women want is to open a bottle, pour a beautiful glass, and take a sip of long awaited wine that just doesn’t taste good to them.

Am I right?

So they came up with a great system that spares you the dreaded wine-down-the-sink syndrome.

At Likelii, we believe the best wines are the wines that taste best to you. And the best wine recommendations for you are based on wines you have liked in the past, not wines other people with a different palate have liked. You tell us a wine or two you have liked in the past, and our two algorithms work together to provide you with a list of wines you are likelii to like based on your tastes. As you try and rate wines, our recommendations get better and better for you. Just like Spotify does for music or Netflix does for movies. And best of all you can buy the wines right on our website or take your list with you to your local wine store.”

 Pretty cool, right? (You can find out more information about the service at http://www.likelii.com/home/about)

If you check out their site right now, you have a chance to win one of 3 $100 gift codes, just for trying out the recommendation engine and leaving some feedback. Check out the promotion details!

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want one of these?

(Please note, this is a sponsored post for Global Influence on behalf of Likelii. I am being compensated, (in wine! Yay wine!) for this post, but the thoughts and stories are mine and mine alone.)

Ode to wine and friends

standard October 14, 2008 3 responses

When your life is crazy overwhelming
And friends come a calling
You might think more stress is coming.

But they arrive,
Bringing with them bits of the past,
In fact they revive.

Within days you will find
What you thought you’d lost,
Your energy, your thoughts, your mind.

A little laugh, a bit of talk,
A drop of wine, OK, a lot,
More laugh, more talk.

The friend wakes up
What was sleeping.
That inner being,
Who might be weeping.

Well, OK, not,
Maybe that’s silly,
But at the least,
Creativity is peaking.

Your fingers itch
To do some walking,
On the keyboard
To do some writing.

Sadly so,
The wine is there,
Muddling your thoughts,
Not that you should care.

Tomorrow, friends,
The words might flow,
In better shape.
Or at least you better hope. Doh.

The rhymes are stretched,
The words don’t go,
The thoughts are there,
But they don’t show.

This blogger needs to call it a night,
Tomorrow she’ll be bright.
Or not. We’ll see.
You never know what she might be.

OK. No joke. A poet I’ll never be, but that’s OK, right, that’s not what you come here to see. Oh, man. Can’t stop rhyming. I think I need to go sleep off this wine.