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Weekly Winners – Finger painting fun!

standard July 19, 2009 6 responses

It started with an innocent enough request for paint. What could be better on a warm Saturday morning with no plans and no obligations?

Well, knowing the kind of mess that painting usually leads to I can think of many things that would have been better, but the girls looked at me with such hope and longing in their eyes that I conceded.

It started out neatly enough. Two girls, two paint brushes, two palettes, and two sheets of paper. What followed was so perfect that I grabbed my camera and scored my Weekly Winners shots for the week.

I bring you… Finger painting fun.

First it’s just one hesitant finger…
A couple more fingers join in the fun.
And the true potential of the medium dawns on the artist.
Her sister takes this painting stuff much more solemnly.
So Little L tries a paintbrush too.
But she didn’t quite grasp the point.
It does look like fun, so C throws caution to the wind and joins in.
She’s not quite convinced…
A second later and she’s right on board.
Sticky high fives all around!
Once the concept of paintbrush has been discarded,
it’s only a moment before the paper is forgotten too.
But it’s hard to be mad…
she’s just too happy.

Happy weekend everyone! Be sure to visit the other Weekly Winners participants to see other great pictures.

Weekly Winners – Summer has finally arrived

standard July 12, 2009 9 responses

Last weekend we stuck around at home instead of heading over the mountains to the beach. So, for the first time this summer, we were able to break out our brand new inflatable wading pool.
It’s very cute and the girls wasted no time stripping and diving in. Then they jumped right back out because the water was frigid, but an hour or so later they were back in and in they stayed.

Well, mostly in…
The cute pool has flowers that spray water.
This was more or less well received.
It’s one way to fill a cup.
Mommy was very attentive during all this splashing around.
And daddy was distracted with the gorgeous peaches.
We finally got them out to go celebrate America’s birthday.
This too was more or less well received.
We never saw fireworks.
But balloon animals are clearly just as awe inspiring.
And make quite the trophy to cart home.

Happy Weekly Winners. I hope you enjoyed my selection of pictures and that you’ll head over to Sarcastic Mom’s site to see other fabulous shots.

Weekly Winners – Bigger by the week

standard April 26, 2009 12 responses

I don’t always have a chance to take pictures during the week. You know how it is, the chores run into each other, the hours fly by, and all of a sudden another week has sped by without a single photo to show for it. Then in one afternoon I capture smiles, frowns, silliness, and their overabundance of life. And I see, clear as day in the viewfinder, that inexorable proof that they’ve grown again. For this week’s Weekly Winners I bring you my babies, bigger than ever.

See what I mean?
When did she get so grown-up?
Not that she can’t still ham it up properly.
But still, that’s no baby. It’s not even a toddler.
It’s a big girl. A big, beautiful girl.
And this one?
Well, clearly she’s not getting any younger either.
But at least she never gets less goofy.

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Weekly Winners – Summer is around the corner

standard March 29, 2009 16 responses

It may just be March, but we had our first taste of summer this weekend. We celebrated by spending some time outside. Enjoy my Weekly Winners and don’t forget to stop by to see all the other great shots posted by other participants.

A warm summery evening is perfect for outdoor dining.
And for a nice glass of wine.
And of course for some ice cream.
Yum. Finger licking good.
Fishing for M&Ms.
A warm summery day…
Makes you want to take a dip.
Too bad the pool looks so bad.
Battered and frayed…
but still well loved.
It’s hard to pedal on the grass.
This is much better.
And when Daddy helps,
well, that’s just the best.

Hang tight. Summer will be here soon for everyone!