Friday Flasback – Recipe for a perfectly lovely 4th of July

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Friday Flashback is all about bringing to light some of my favorite posts from my archives to breathe new life into them. This is in honor of the fact that we plan on doing the exact same thing tomorrow. Summer really is grand. This was originally published in July 2008.

Recipe for a perfectly lovely 4th of July

Take a warm sunny day. Mix it with no plans until the evening. Pull out a fun little inflatable kiddie pool. Fill said pool with water, add kids, watch them splash and have fun for hours. Sit in chair under brand new garden umbrella purchased at the ‘Holy Shit We Have To Set Out The Back To School Crap Tomorrow’ 4th of July Sale at Target. Drink a beer or two with good friends while sharing a pack of really stale graham crackers. (Hey! Never said I was gunning for Hostess of the Year.)

When the kids are all pruney and slightly purple wrap everyone in warm towels and sit a while longer in the sun. Then dress the lot of ’em and bundle everyone into the car and head over the hills to grandmother’s house for burgers and hotdogs. End the day with lots of rambunctious family time; playing with cousins, dipping toes in the pool, rolling down the hill, and stuffing faces with brownies and grilled meat.

Then drive home a sleepy crew and tuck everyone into their beds, worn out from the fun, happy and secure in the knowledge that tomorrow we get to do most of it all over again. Summer, thy name is bliss.

Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope that you were all able to enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones today. And maybe that you got a little brownie or watermelon.

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Is the weekend over yet? Please say it is.

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Back when I decided to keep the kids home on Friday, knowing that we also had Monday off, it wasn’t raining. I had visions of four long awesome days of quality family time – long walks, crafts, fun in the yard, maybe even a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was going to be great in a relaxing, fun, bond-y way.

And then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Did I mention it rained?

At first I thought “Yay! Rain! We need lots of that around here!” Then I realized that the rain was going to seriously crimp our style. In fact, it kind of blew our weekend plans to smithereens. There was no playing in the yard, no long walks to anywhere, and there was definitely no trip over the treacherous Hwy 17 to the aquarium. It’s a dangerous enough highway on a sunny day, in the pouring rain it’s suicidal to take it just for kicks.

So we stayed put. And we went stir crazy. And the kids got cranky, and the mommy got crankier, and the daddy was smart and stayed out of the way. Each book was read over and over again. Every single toy was taken out about a million times. And “mommy” was whined about a gazillion more.

Miraculously Monday night eventually rolled around and the cranky children were put to bed (maybe on the slightly early side) and we heaved a sigh of relief so big that people in NY probably felt it, because, finally, oh finally, the loooong weekend was over.

In the morning everyone goes back to daycare. M goes back to work, and I’ll finally be able to spend more than three seconds on the computer before I have to get up to separate two fighting kids or pull Little L out of the toilet or the pantry.

I promise I’ll try not to skip as I leave the daycare, nor will I be late in picking them up. Well, OK. not too late.

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