Whirlwind trip to Tahoe

standard June 22, 2009 3 responses

5 hours by car to get there and 5 hours by car to get back. For a week long vacation that makes plenty of sense. For a short weekend getaway it’s a little crazy, but it was well worth it.

We headed out on Friday and after a looooooong couple hours we got out of a traffic jam for an impromptu tour of the Jelly Belly factory. Sadly there were no pictures allowed on the tour(and I forgot my camera in the car), so I have nothing to show for that awesome part of our weekend. But suffice it to say that I’m pretty sure that every trip to Tahoe will now include a side trip.

We arrived at the lake late Friday night and hurried to get the kids into bed so we could enjoy a nice long soak in the hot tub. Karma followed us to Tahoe and the counter to that short moment was that Little L was up half the night and in our bed the rest of the night.

Despite being exhausted come Saturday morning we pulled it together so we could make the best of our short time in the mountains. M headed out to play a short round of golf with his dad and the girls and I went to a playground with M’s mother.

C showed everyone how much of a monkey she has become.
And she spent some time upside down.
It was hard not to.
This was the view from the playground.
And this.
Little L focused hard on climbing stairs.
So she could go down the slide.
Then they worked on a joint masterpiece.
Beautiful. No?
Not quite as pretty as this…
But they’re still young.
On Sunday we took a trip up the mountain in some gondolas repurposed during the summer months for hard core mountain bikers. We sidestepped the fully kitted out bikers and their muddy bikes and rode up to enjoy the view.

And we took advantage of the backdrop
to get a few family shots.
Little L was not a fan of the gondola.
She quietly informed us repeatedly that “she no like it.”
C wasn’t too sure either.
But she relaxed enough to goof off with dad.
Back on the ground and with some pizza in her belly
Little L was much happier.

We finally packed up and headed home. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but successful in every way (except for the sleep thing which was no better the second night.)

We loaded up some very tired girls.
Who fell asleep shortly after I shot these two pictures.
And completely missed the last view of the lake.

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Is the weekend over yet? Please say it is.

standard February 17, 2009 4 responses

Back when I decided to keep the kids home on Friday, knowing that we also had Monday off, it wasn’t raining. I had visions of four long awesome days of quality family time – long walks, crafts, fun in the yard, maybe even a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was going to be great in a relaxing, fun, bond-y way.

And then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Did I mention it rained?

At first I thought “Yay! Rain! We need lots of that around here!” Then I realized that the rain was going to seriously crimp our style. In fact, it kind of blew our weekend plans to smithereens. There was no playing in the yard, no long walks to anywhere, and there was definitely no trip over the treacherous Hwy 17 to the aquarium. It’s a dangerous enough highway on a sunny day, in the pouring rain it’s suicidal to take it just for kicks.

So we stayed put. And we went stir crazy. And the kids got cranky, and the mommy got crankier, and the daddy was smart and stayed out of the way. Each book was read over and over again. Every single toy was taken out about a million times. And “mommy” was whined about a gazillion more.

Miraculously Monday night eventually rolled around and the cranky children were put to bed (maybe on the slightly early side) and we heaved a sigh of relief so big that people in NY probably felt it, because, finally, oh finally, the loooong weekend was over.

In the morning everyone goes back to daycare. M goes back to work, and I’ll finally be able to spend more than three seconds on the computer before I have to get up to separate two fighting kids or pull Little L out of the toilet or the pantry.

I promise I’ll try not to skip as I leave the daycare, nor will I be late in picking them up. Well, OK. not too late.

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Heading home

standard December 28, 2008 3 responses

Much to C’s and my sorrow all the food, fun, and family come to an end tomorrow. We’re getting on a plane and taking our germs back to California. When we get there we have to deal with the refrigerator I forgot to empty before we left and the destroyed car sitting in the Police impound lot.

Wish us luck. Tomorrow we’re taking a 6 hour flight home, at bed time, with two sick-ish kids. What can I say, we like living on the edge.

Oh, wait, I was wrong, It was paradise we went to.

standard November 13, 2008 5 responses

8am. Bathing suits. Scratchy green towels. Lying on large lounge chairs with plush orange cushions. Watching the hot pool empty itself over the edge. The ocean stretches out to infinity, meeting the sky in a haze at the end of the horizon.
The water from the pool steams as it hits the air and yet it’s warm enough in the sun to lie here in just a bathing suit and towel.
I can hear Blue Jays argue with Scrub Jays over which tree they are each allowed to perch in.
We watch the lightly cloudy sky and wonder where the planes are heading.
“That one is going a bit south for Asia. Maybe Hawaii.”
“And that one looks like it’s going to LA, unless he turns up and follows the coast to San Fran or San Jose.”
The planes leave again and the skies clear. And we go back to just listening.
No cars. No kids. Relative quiet in this rich man’s paradise.

I kept taking pictures of it all. Trying to capture the beauty. But I knew even my awesome camera could not do this place justice. There’s no way to capture the smell of the ocean and the redwoods and the fires burning in the chimneys of the guest houses. There’s no way to record the telltale screech of the heinous Scrub Jay – each one transporting me back to the summer they tortured the cat in our very own yard. There’s no way to reproduce the sweet breeze. I could just take endless shots of the ocean, the mountains, the pools, the houses, and, yes, even the birds, and hope that my memory fills in the blanks.

If you ever have money to burn and
a need for a restorative resort…
We stayed in a tree house.
In fact, this very tree house.
That table, right there?
That’s where we had breakfast.
Oh. And this was the view.
The place was crawling with fountains.
Followed you everywhere being all soothing and stuff.
This is a statue of a whale.
Yes. A whale.
That tiny white dot?
Is my husband next to a HUGE Redwood.
I could not get enough of the massive trees.
This is why there was Technu in our room.
For all you foreigners, that’s Poison Oak. Don’t touch it. Ever.
This was the restaurant in the early morning mist.
As seen from our room.
This was the fitness center.
Never saw it any closer.
This was the hot pool we pretty much lived in.
This was the view from the hot pool we lived in.
Are you starting to see why we never left?
These were the lounge chairs by the pool.
OK. For realz. Now do you get it?
But then we had to leave.
And we saw some lovely private beachfront property on the way.
With a bit of a view.
Because some people have all the luck.