A Wicked night off

standard March 15, 2010 1 response

Way back in November when I attended the Silicon Valley Moms Blog holiday party I met the lovely PR rep for Wicked. Just meeting her would have been enough. I read Wicked way back when it was published and I’ve been dreaming of seeing the musical since it first hit Broadway. Getting to meet someone who works with the production was way cool. But we didn’t just get to meet her. We also got vouchers for tickets to see the show.


Considering the fact that the party was back in November and that the tickets had to be redeemed before the middle of March, you’d think that someone who had been waiting for years to see this show would have gotten her act together, but there was the never ending rash, and the holidays, and work, and life, and so I didn’t get around to it until last week.

I know! Madness.

Luckily it all worked out. We got tickets for Friday night, my beloved in-laws were available to watch the girls and even offered to take them overnight. Then at some point on Thursday night I realized that there was no reason for us to come home after the show. No sitter waiting for us. No kids needing our attention in the morning.

No reason not to jump on Orbitz and scout out hotels near the theater.

Which is how M and I found ourselves walking back leisurely towards the Westin after the show instead of jumping into the car to drive an hour home. We were able to chat about the show, about the set, the music, the story. We took in San Francisco at night, something we’d never seen together. And then we slept like babies in the Westin’s Heavenly beds.

Wicked was great. Not the best musical we’ve ever seen, but great nonetheless.  All it was missing was some truly catchy tunes to take it to Les Miserables or Miss Saigon levels. The set was amazing, the actors were awesome, and the story is still as thought provoking as I remember it to be. I can completely see why people go see it multiple times. It’s wonderful to have the reminder (in song no less) that first impressions can be wrong and that how people look doesn’t dictate who they are inside. And there’s always something heartwarming about seeing a good story about friendship that overcomes every obstacle. I do love a good friendship story.

We didn’t have much time in the city the next morning. Just enough for a mediocre breakfast and a lovely walk around Union Square and Market Street. But it was enough. We felt rested and restored. Having just 17 hours to ourselves, away from home, was heaven.

Theater tickets or no we’ll be heading to the city for more nights off. Because it was truly wicked as they say in Boston.

Winding down and driving up

standard August 21, 2009 1 response

Tomorrow, sometime after breakfast, I’m going to pack up our suitcase, load up the girls, and turn the Toyota Yaris that we rented back towards DC. We’ll be saying a fond farewell to the North Carolina Outer Banks and hightailing it out of here before Hurricane Billy makes himself known.

One last short night visiting with friends we see all too rarely and then we’re jumping on a couple planes and going home.

This was an unexpected and very last minute vacation that the girls and I have unbelievably enjoyed. Tomorrow when we wave bye bye to the Atlantic Ocean and to our family I have no doubt more than a couple tears will be shed, and they won’t all be coming from the back seat of the car.

At least we know that we’ll be seeing everyone again in just a few short months. Christmas is coming soon, right?

The Little Girl and The Ocean

standard August 19, 2009 4 responses

She stands on the sand and begs me to take her to the water. Moments later she howls when the ocean laps at her feet – even from the safety of my arms.

I take her back to the sand and she stands there again, staring at the sea. The call is strong. The fear is stronger. One day she’ll win. She’s that tough.

Up up and away… with stickers on the tray

standard August 14, 2009 2 responses

Tomorrow night I’m going to wrangle my two darling children, two carry-ons, a stroller, two car seats, and a or two suitcase onto a plane. Actually onto two planes.

We’re heading East to spend a week frolicking in the Northern Carolina surf with my sister and her family. I keep trying to explain to C that this is a special ocean, one we can actually swim in, but I don’t think she quite grasps the concept. You see, up here in the Pacific you can’t really swim. I mean, you can, if you’re impervious to very very cold water, but we’re not, so we don’t tend to go in past our ankles.

But out there on the Outer Banks of Northern Carolina where torrid temperatures await us, I think we’ll be spending lots and lots of time in the water, way past our ankles and even our waists. Even better we’re going to be spending a week having fun with cousins we usually only see once a year. I’m going to have the pleasure of watching Little L interact with her cousins like never before.

You know, if I survive the flight there.

I’ve purchased a few sticker/coloring books and invested a small fortune in some Crayola Color Wonder papers and pens. I’m bringing crayons and books. I have three movies that I can play on my laptop and I’ve packed enough snacks to feed the entire plane. I’m secretly hoping that now that I have purchased enough things to keep the girls entertained for hours they will retaliate by falling asleep as soon as we board, but I’m a seasoned mom and an even more seasoned traveler and I know that is just as unlikely as us being upgraded to First Class.

So if you’re on a United flight from SFO to LAX and then to Dulles tomorrow night and two little girls insist on covering you in Fancy Nancy and Curious George stickers, forgive me, I’m just a mom trying to show her little girls that sometimes you can swim in the ocean without getting frostbite.