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Virtual Piggy Twitter Party!

standard December 13, 2012 Leave a response

So imagine you have children.

Wait, some of us don’t have to imagine, we do have them.

Ok, so there are these children, and they are growing up in a digital world. A digital world where people bank online, shop online, connect online.

As parents, it’s our job to teach them how to navigate this digital world smartly, not just in regards to the personal interactions, but also in regards to the financial transactions they’ll be making.

Join the Splash Creative Media team, Thursday, December 13th, 6pm PST/9pmEST as we join with the creators of Virtual Piggy for a Twitter party (#VirtualPiggy) that will demonstrate how they’ve devised a site that will not only teach your kids to manage their money, but will also teach them to effect online transactions smartly.

We’re not just giving away awesome information, we’ve also got some super fun prizes:

If you want to be extra prepared for the party, check out these two videos and be sure to check out the Virtual Piggy site! To be entered to win prizes please RSVP below the videos.

Using the Virtual Piggy Child Dashboard

Using the Virtual Piggy Parent Account

(Please note, Virtual Piggy is a Splash Creative Media client.)

Shopping smarter with my smartphone

standard October 1, 2012 Leave a response

Before I get out of the car to head into a store, any store, I check that I have my keys (I’ve locked myself out of the car a time or three), my wallet (always handy for buying stuff), and my phone.

Why my phone?

Well, definitely not just so I can keep track of important emails that might come in at any time, that’s for sure!

Ever since I’ve gotten my smartphone (oh hallowed day that, that was…) it has become my trusty sidekick on all my shopping excursions.

At the grocery store I rely on my smartphone to deliver an edited, up-to-the-minute, shopping list. Whatever I might have forgotten to put on the list can be added as  my husband, standing in front of the pantry or the fridge, notices we’re missing something. More often than not he adds nonsense items which cause me to giggle as I meander up and down the aisles of the store, though the phone has saved us many a return trip to the store!

While I’m shopping for, well, pretty much anything, I use my smartphone to check product reviews on items I want to buy for the first time. With the help of my phone I’ve avoided buying a lamp that had the unfortunate habit of bursting into flames. While I’m at it, I check to make sure that the store I’m in offers the best price possible, of course taking into account the whole “but I want it now” factor.

Last, but definitely not least, I use my smartphone to stay connected to my people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Tweeted or Facebooked that I was heading into a store only to have friends clue me into a great sale or a neat product I might not have known to look for before they mentioned it.

Like everyone obsessed with their phones, I’m always on the lookout for apps that will make my life easier. Thanks to eBay I’ve added a few to my arsenal.

The main eBay app allows me to quickly check for second hand versions of items I’m coveting, like say, that cute jacket at Lulu Lemon. Since over 70% of items sold on eBay are new, sometimes I even find deals that beat the in-store prices!

Among other things, the RedLaser app allows me to compare prices on anything with a simple scan of a bar code, which I love

The eBay Fashion app, unfortunately not available for Androids (yet), is finally the answer to my crippling lack of fashion sense. With it you can snap a picture of a fabric pattern and instantly find coordinating or matching items. Imagine! Finally couch cushions that don’t clash!

I love it when apps bring my online world into play with my “real” world experiences. It makes everything feel complete.

Join me and the rest of the Splash Creative Media team on Twitter, Tuesday, October 2nd at 12pmPST as we spend two hours chatting about all the ways our smartphones can make our real-world shopping experiences more rich and fruitful. We can’t wait to hear how your smartphone helps you shop smarter!

The #eBayMobile party will be hosted at www.ebay.com/mobileshopping. We’ll be giving away $25 eBay gift cards every 15 minutes!

RSVP below to be entered to win the $100 eBay gift-card grand prize!
(Please note, eBay is a client of Splash Creative Media. I was compensated for this post, but my love for my phone and my thoughts on shopping with it are mine and mine alone.)

In honor of my hero, the father of my children

standard June 4, 2012 1 response

Yesterday, as I relaxed on the couch, a bird flew right into the house through the open door and got stranded in the kitchen.

I…. do not like birds. Let me rephrase that. I am terrified of birds.

I can do anything, deal with any disaster, power through the toughest situations, but birds I can’t do.

So I did the only thing I could. I pulled the blanket over my head and howled for M to come to my rescue.

He laughed and then sent me outside so he could handle the situation. I only returned to my couch once he had verified that the little winged monster was long gone.

This morning, while showering, I managed to dislocate my rib. It’s something that happens to me every so often. It’s painful, but after a while the rib pops back into place and I get on with my day. This morning the pain was ten times worse than it had ever been and the rib was stubbornly refusing to slide back into place leaving me stranded in the shower, conditioner dripping into my eyes, arm unable to come up high enough to do that thing you have to do to rinse your hair.

M arrived in the bathroom, alerted I’m sure by my moaning and groaning, and stood there, completely at a loss as to how to help me. He watched as I pushed through the pain, rinsed off and stumbled out of the shower. Then he watched as I struggled into a shirt. That’s when he took charge, bundled me back into bed, and went down to deal with the kids.

I don’t often find myself incapacitated. I’m not often unable to master a challenging situation. But when I am M always has my back.

To you rescuing me from an errant bird or forcing me back into bed might not seem heroic, to me it means the world. It means that I don’t have to always be superwoman. It means that I don’t always have to be strong and capable. It’s proof that I found the perfect partner to have my back forever.

The past few years have thrown more than our fair share of challenges our way. This is the summer we’re reclaiming our lives. We’re doing things we haven’t been able to do in years. Hiking. Kayaking. Traveling. I’m loving it, but even more, I’m loving seeing M love it.

I’ve been wanting to make Father’s Day extra special as a way to celebrate both my love for M and this momentous summer of ours, but we got each other a joint Mother’s Day/Father’s Day present (a grill!) so I felt a bit trapped. eBay came to my rescue by sending me $200 to treat M. (Yay eBay!)

Now $200 can go a looooooong way on eBay. M had better prepare to be wowed! (And if he wants to be surprised on Father’s Day he should probably stop reading just about now! Stop reading M!)

First I’m going to start with this killer set of BBQ tools to complement that joint gift of ours.

Who knew you even needed 18 different BBQ tools?

Then, even though I could spend the rest of the money buying up half of eBay with things like this kayak skirt that would make M’s entry into the rather chilly Pacific Ocean is a tad more comfortable…

Not much to look at, but neither are his legs after spending an hour in freezing cold water!

… instead I’m going to use the rest of the gift card to treat M to a sweet ride.

It’s not a Ferrari or the Tesla he dreams of, but, after five years of not being able to ride a bicycle, I can’t wait to see M untie the bow on this one, strap on his helmet, and bike away. Giving my hero his freedom is going to be the sweetest thing on earth.

How would you spend $200 at eBay on a Father’s Day gift?  Join us on Tuesday at 12PST as we celebrate all things dad at a fun #eBayDad Twitter party. RSVP to be entered to win a $100 eBay gift card of your own! The party will be hosted at ebay.com/partyfordad and will be a hopping good time!  Check out party details here.

RSVP for the party and be entered to win a $100 eBay gift card!

Come Tweet About Essential Luxuries with Acura

standard January 30, 2012 Leave a response

This morning I went for a walk. A lovely walk in the warm California winter sun. A lovely walk all by myself, just me, my podcast, and the hills.

These days between buying a home and selling the other, between caring for the husband and packing up the house, between driving the kids to one school and the other, and between work calls and meetings, taking a walk feels like a luxury.

But like my morning coffee, my post-lunch bite of chocolate, and my never-ending book habit, walking is an essential luxury. I need those things to get through the week with my smile firmly in place.

I’m not the only one who thinks essential luxuries matter. The newly redesigned Acura RDX was designed with essential luxuries in mind. It has everything you want without going overboard. A spacious cabin provides uncompromised comfort, and the most intelligent features were chosen to reward you with a robust, yet efficient, performance. The necessities have never been so smartly appointed. And even better, the RDX crossover SUV is expected to get best-in-class fuel economy. (You know, so you have left over cash for that massage you so badly need.)

So, what are your essential luxuries? And how would you like to use them to win a luxurious weekend away?

Create a video to tell Acura about all of your essential luxuries. Then enter for a chance to win the RDX Essential Luxury Challenge, where you could win a luxury weekend in Arizona to experience the Acura RDX before it goes on sale! Winners will also receive a MacBook Pro.* For more details and to submit your video, head to the RDX Challenge tab on the Acura Facebook Page.

Acura RDX Facebook Contest

Join us Wednesday, February 1st from 9-10 pm ET (6-7 pm PT) for a fun Twitter party, where we’ll discuss the contest, the new car, and of course, life’s essential luxuries.
It’s easy to join the party. Simply follow the hashtag #RDXContest.
Please also follow:
@Splash_Creative and @Acura_Insider
We’ll also be giving away prizes that will help you experience luxury in your everyday life!
Prizes include:
  • $25 Barnes & Noble gift card
  • $25 Starbucks gift card
  • $50 SpaFinder gift card
  • $50 Restaurant.com gift card
  • Grand Prize: Nook Simple Touch (valued at $99)

How to Enter:
RSVP below for a chance to win! Enter your name and Twitter handle. To be eligible to win you must RSVP and participate in the party using #RDXContest. All winners will be chosen by random drawing and must have a mailing address within the United States. Official rules can be found on the Splash Creative Media site.

*MacBook Pro is a trademark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.