Too fried for paragraphs or even sentences

standard June 17, 2009 2 responses

Slept terribly last night.

Morning caffeine buzz never left my system.

Jerked awake every hour or so.

Woke up crabby and tired.

Spent four hours in a meeting.

Or was it five?

Then headed to another event.

Got to sit and write for an hour in between.

Got lots done.

Then Open Office crashed.

Had to rewrite a whole scene.

First time around was better.

Still reached 66 580 words.


Not just today.

Today was all of 681.

Not my best day.

Spent the evening learning about Super Why and PBS kids shows.

And schmoozing with SV Moms bloggers.

SV Moms bloggers ROCK.

Went out to P.F. Chang’s with some of the bloggers.

Did I mention they rock?

Not really sure how I managed to drive home.

Driving when you’re this tired is scary.

And probably dangerous.

Five more things to do before I can let my eyes close.

Then it’s sleep glorious sleep.

Until I start all over again in the morning.

Playing catch-up again

standard May 15, 2009 4 responses

My to do list is probably two full pages long by now. I’d have to sit down and write it all out to know for sure, but I don’t have the energy to make the list. Which is really OK because I don’t have the energy to do what’s on the list either.

I don’t know what’s going on with me. Could be that we’re back in sleepless hell, could be this darn diet I’ve been on for almost three weeks, but I’m constantly dragging. Seriously, last night I went to bed at 9:30 and I woke up at 7:30 just as tired as I’d been before going to bed.

I’m hoping that this slump has everything to do with being tired and that all I need is a couple good nights of sleep to get back in the groove. I was doing so well and was feeling so in control and on top of things, it’s frustrating to be falling behind again.

It seems so unfair, isn’t eating healthy and exercising supposed to give you more energy, not less?

Irony – I haz it.

standard November 15, 2008 1 response

“C, honey, I need you to listen carefully, because when you don’t listen and mommy has to say the same thing four times it makes her very, very cranky.” I’m kneeling in front of her, eyes locked on hers, doing my best to stay calm after a long day of being ignored and whined at a lot.
I’m tired. Very tired. Last night C woke me up twice, Little L once, and both girls were up at 6:15. I’ve been tired for a long time. Possibly for the 15 months since I last slept through the night. Possibly longer. I can’t remember.
C looks up at me with a concerned, compassionate look on her sweet little face. “You know, Mommy, when you are very cranky it means you should get more sleep.”

Irony – We haz it by the bucketful ’round these parts.