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Change Up Your Grocery Habits

standard September 19, 2017 Leave a response

Disclaimer: This is a post written on behalf of my client, PantryPerks. The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone. 


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re pretty set in your grocery shopping ways. You probably go on the same day every week, buy mostly the same things, and rarely try a new store.

I mean, I know I am. I hit the same two stores, usually on Sunday evening, and despite my sporadic attempts to vary up our usual menu, I usually bring home some variation of the same stuff every week.

And if I need something from that expensive wholesome place? Well, I put it off as long as I possibly can and then drag myself across town to wander the aisles that always make me feel guilty for not consistently making better food choices for my family. Guilt, not pleasant, which is why I try hard to go as rarely as possible.

But what if I told you that there was a new organic/wholesome grocery player on the scene? And that you don’t have to get into your car to get there? Or feel shamed as you wander the aisles wondering what you even do with sprouted wheatgerm? PantryPerksThis past month, I got the chance to try out PantryPerks.com for the first time. All that wholesome goodness and you don’t even have to get off your couch!

Even better, you get rewarded for shopping, in CASH.

That’s right, pajama shopping you get paid for. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

First things first. What can you find at PantryPerks?

PantryPerks sells all the non-perishable natural or organic goods that you can find at most natural, organic stores.

Think gluten free, kosher, or Non-GMO snacks and baking supplies, as well as tons of great certified organic pantry staples.

You can also get some awesome diapers and wipes, cleaning supplies, and, of course, all of your essential oils.

And more, so much more!

Many of the items are sold in bulk, so you can stock up and rest easy for a while. And since it’s all delivered right to your door, no need to schlep it all home from the store any more!

How do the prices compare?

I’m not the greatest of deal shoppers (don’t tell my husband), but even I can tell when something is cheaper than usual. Other, more savvy deal shoppers than I, have reported that the prices are pretty darn good. Add to that the fact that there are always new deals to be snagged and, well, even I can tell you that you can save some serious cash by shopping at PantryPerks.

For instance, today, a 12 pack of the yummy chocolate brownie Cliff bars is $7.99 instead of $23.14. And a case of 8 Svelte protein shakes is $13.99 instead of $23.26. Take a look and see how your favorite products stack up!

Now, what’s that about earning cash back?

Here’s how it works: When you shop at PantryPerks, you get cash back. Then, when you share your personal referral link (everyone gets one!) and your friends shop at PantryPerks you get cash back too! Guess what, when their friends shop using their referral link, you get cash back AGAIN. (Check out the handy infographic below to see the details.)

(Sooooooo…. if you shop at PantryPerks after clicking any of the links in this post, I might earn some cash back. So, go, shop! Yes, you!!)

There’s a coolio calculator that allows you to figure out just how much money you could be earning just by telling people about PantryPerks.  (Click on the ‘Cheat Sheet’ button hovering on the left side of the PantryPerks screen.)

How much cash back can you earn with PantryPerks?

So, the verdict?

Well, sadly, I still have to get off my couch on Sunday evening to go get chicken, beef, dairy products and fruit as well as all the other perishable stuff that consists of the bulk of my grocery haul. My poor family couldn’t survive without 14 different types of yogurt and assorted cheese sticks in the fridge, tragedy would ensue.

But I might never ever have to go to the place that makes me feel like a terribly inadequate mother ever again. SO YAY!

Get started here, and please come by to let me know what you think! PantryPerks is brand new and they love feedback!

How does PantryPerks work?


Please note: PantryPerks is one of my clients, and, as such I was compensated to help them spread the word about their company and find bloggers to help me do so. That said, this post features just my opinions and facts about how PantryPerks works. All links contained in this post are referral links. If you shop at PantryPerks after clicking on any link I might earn some cash back. 

Come Pley with me!

standard December 5, 2015 Leave a response

All of my daughter’s clothing is piled high in two laundry baskets near the laundry room. Why, you ask? Ah well, that’s easy. It’s because her closet is packed to gills with toys. There’s a bin of doll food, and a bag of puppets. One shelf holds an entire Playmobil schoolhouse and another holds an assortment of building toys all jumbled together and virtually always ignored.

We can’t fit a dresser in her room because the walls are lined with an assortment of organization bins designed to hold (and organize!) even more toys.

Yes, yes, I know. It’s beyond high time I went in there with some big ol’ cardboard boxes and sorted through the mess to find toys we can donate or even just get rid of. But it’s a big job and it’s way down on my ever-growing to do list.

But it is one of the reasons I’m seriously dreading this holiday season. No matter how small the gifts end up being, I truly have no idea where we’ll stash them.

I’ve been working recently with a company that seems to have the perfect answer to my toy clutter situation.


Pley Logo

What do they do? Oh, simply enough, they rent toys.

That’s right. Rent. Toys.

You sign up for their service and, with your child, built out your “pley-list” of toys you’d like to receive. Then Pley sends you the first toy on the list. When you return it, they send the next one out.

Magic. No shelf space has to be dug up. Happy kids with new toys to capture their imagination. Delighted mom who doesn’t have to yell at anyone about picking up toys any more.

What kinds of toys does Pley offer? Mostly LEGO and other construction toys, but they have a few other options.

How clean are they toys? Super clean. Everything gets sanitized before it gets sent out.

What if you lose a piece or two? Eh, these things happen. Pley will replace the pieces before sending the kit out to the next person who requested it.

What if your kid falls in love with a toy and does that ear-splitting death screech when you want to return it? No problem, with one click of a button, the toy is yours. Finding a spot for it…that’s up to you!

So, when family starts to ask you what your kids want for the holidays and you start playing mental tetris with the toys they already have, think about asking for a Pley subscription. Then you’ll have many, many reasons to smile throughout the year!

Group_Shot (1)


Please note: Pley is a client of mine and I was compensated for this post, that said, I do adore their service and believe they’ve truly hit on one of the great parenting hacks of all time, so all opinions contained in this post are 100% genuine and mine. 

Visit a C Wonder store and #UnwrapWonder

standard December 18, 2013 1 response

Last week, as most of the people in the area hunkered down and tried to stay warm as temperatures plummeted way below what any of us are used to (hey, be nice, there’s a reason we live in northern California!) I wound my way south to spend the evening at a gorgeous new store called C Wonder.

A month ago I had never even heard of this glittering gem, today it’s high on my list of places to stop by and visit when I’m at Santana Row (a super swanky downtown area nearby with great restaurants and high end stores).

C Wonder is a neat mix of preppy hipster goods that range from clothing and shoes to home and personal accessories. It’s a one stop shop for any shopping you might need. I scored some cute earrings for a teen and some fun stocking stuffers for my kids. I have my eye on a great cutting board for myself and a cute dog collar for our new puppy.

The light in the store is amazing and I had a blast taking photos of all the bright festive displays.

As friends arrived to come shop with me I dragged them from display to display, showing off the monogrammed gifts, the cute clothes, the holiday decorations, even the bicycles (yes, bicycles!) that C Wonder sells.

To be honest, we did spend most of our time drooling over the jewelry. I’m more of a silver kind of girl, but even I was tempted by a few of the shining gold pieces on display.

And then there were the shoes… ah yes… even shoes!

Stop into a nearby C Wonder store and check it out for yourself. I bet you can find the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person on your list! Like… maybe a bicycle with a wine basket? (What? Don’t tell me there isn’t at least one person on your list who wouldn’t want to have a wine picnic!)

Please note: I was compensated for the time spent at the C Wonder store and for this and my social media posts. All photos and opinions are mine and mine alone.

Starbucks Coffee Fall Giveaway!

standard September 26, 2013 66 responses

This morning I had to turn the heat on in the car. This afternoon it will still be in the mid 70s, this is California after all, but that one twist of the car’s air dial really brought it home.

Fall is on its way.

I know, technically it started on Sunday, or the week before when Starbucks brought out their Pumpkin Spice Latte, but for me, still sporting flipflops, capris, and tank-tops as the temperatures played around in the high 80s, it hasn’t felt very Fall-ish.

Until this morning. When I lamented the lack of sweater in my car and shivered myself through school drop off. You know, until I remembered that the temperature dial on the car has other settings besides “please make this car as cold as possible.”

So there I was, driving home, enjoying the blast of warm air gushing out of the car vents when I started thinking about all the things I love about Fall.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are high on the list.

Want some coffee? 

Starbucks and I would love to invite you to share what you love about the Fall — fuzzy socks? warm woolly sweaters? — in the comments section. A week from today, Thursday, October 3rd, I’ll randomly pick a commenter to win an awesome Starbucks “Welcome Fall!” Keurig coffee package.

 And the winner is #55 Jules McNubbin a fellow honey crisp lover! Congrats Jules!

Come on, you know a warm cup of coffee is the best way to beat the cold on a nippy Fall morning!

Please note: I was not compensated to write this post, though I did receive a pack of coffee of my own. Feel free to come over and share a cup with me!