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Traveling without wingmen

standard July 6, 2011 4 responses

I know I just got home. In fact, my last suitcase isn’t even fully unpacked yet. But I’m once again jumping into a plane at the crack of dawn tomorrow to head to another blog conference.

I’m really excited to see Utah for the first time.

I’m really excited to learn and connect with new faces and brands.

And I’m really anxious about doing it all without a wingman.

I’ve gone to conferences before without my posse. BlogHer08 was the first, followed by TypeA last year and I should take heart from the fact that both were a ton of fun and not as scary as I had envisioned.

And yet, today, I’m nervous.

I’m going to be fine. I’m going to meet new people and strengthen bonds with bloggers I already know. I’m going to come out of this smarter and better connected. Plus, it’s good for me to step out of my comfort zone and rely on myself instead of my friends.

The worst that’s going to happen is that I’ll eat a meal or two alone. But knowing the people attending, I highly doubt that’s going to be an issue.

And yet… I’m nervous. Go figure.

Part of the posse I’ll be missing in Utah.

Hanging out with bloggy friends just gets easier and easier

standard June 9, 2009 1 response

Last weekend M, C, Little L, and I headed to the San Jose Tech Museum for a special Silicon Valley Moms Blog event. We were supposed to be excited to be meeting Bill Nye, but since I had never heard of him and he hasn’t yet been featured on the Little Einsteins or Dora the Explorer, the girls and I were just excited to be going to a party. I think M was just stoked to have something different to do for once.

I walked into the room that was slowly filling up with bloggers and their families and for possibly the first time I wasn’t struck dumb with shyness. I knew more faces in that room than faces I didn’t recognize. Even better, I liked each and everyone of the people those faces were connected to.

Those people aren’t just my blog acquaintances, they’re my friends. I hang out with them on Twitter and Facebook during the day. I visit them on their blogs. And when I see them at bloggy events I feel instantly connected to them.

I used to suffer from terrible social anxiety before any blog event. Now I actually look forward to them. It’s not surprising that I found my tribe inside the computer, it is however awesome that I like them even more outside of it.

Click here to read all about the awesome product that Bill Nye was presenting to us mommy bloggers at the Tech Museum then enter to win one. Trust me, this is one giveaway your dust doesn’t want you to win.

Also? Have you voted in the BlogLuxe awards today? Doesn’t have to be for me… though you know, if you wanted it to be, you’d find me in the Blog I’ve Learned The Most From category.

Rocking the social scene, finally.

standard February 6, 2009 4 responses
If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might know that in the past I’ve been a bit prone to giving in to a bit of anxiety before heading out to any social event. This anxiety has manifested itself over and over again only to prove itself futile as soon as I got to whatever event was causing my stomach to knot up. You know, because one foot in the door and I usually instantly started to have fun.

Tonight I’m going out. I’m going to a BlogHer sponsored event. And guess what? I’m. Not. Anxious. I know! Incredible, right? I’m not only not anxious, but I’m really looking forward to hanging out with the other fabulous bloggers I’m going to meet tonight.

So? Are you proud? Have I come a long way, or what?

Not only did I survive, but I learned a thing or two while I was there

standard September 26, 2008 13 responses

I found a carpool buddy and I resolved to ignore my social anxiety and go to the party. Having made contact with a few people who were also going and who I kinda, sorta knew made it possible for me to come to the conclusion that maybe I did have it in me to head up to San Francisco for the CBS 5 Eye On The Blog Bay Area Bloggers Mixer.

I had a minor (ahem) freak out on Twitter about the state of my wardrobe (ACK), the amount of clothing that I own that actually fits (virtually none), and the number of things that I could wear that weren’t a) too summery (60F in SF last night) and b) too I’m-here-for-a-job-interview-y (one. one lousy outfit.).

When I left the house I was convinced that I was underdressed in jeans and a black t-shirt. But really, it was fine because I looked HAWT. Well, you know, if you’re into the Olivia Newton John look. (Think more “You’re the one that I want” and less “Sandra-D.”) (And I wish I was joking.) Lucky for me, by the time I made it to my carpool buddy’s house the heat in my car had wilted my curls into something a little less flashy and I no longer had to fight the urge to break into song. Which is a good thing. I think.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the blow by blow details of the evening. But I can share with you a few things I learned over the course of the next four hours.

  1. The traffic, going to San Francisco, can suck big hairy donkey balls. It took us nearly an hour and a half to arrive somewhere it should have taken us all of thirty minutes to reach. Good thing we were having fun debating the merits of Twitter and Facebook.
  2. I know a shit load about social networking. Online. In the real world? Not so much.
  3. Bloggers are a fun crowd. And they love to chat. About anything. And they have lots to say. About everything.
  4. If you are standing in the headquarters of a leading TV network, and you see some people who kinda look familiar? It’s probably not because you’re read their blog. It’s a ton more likely that it’s because they PRESENT THE NEWS ON TV. Just sayin‘.
  5. I do not have to make sure all my daughter’s lunches include some form of protein. WHOOT (I know that sounds like a non sequitur, but I had a lovely chat (see #3) about packing lunches with Biggie from lunchinabox.net, Alison from surefoodsliving.com, and Sharon from bloggerqueen.com and they said I don’t, so there. Also? Some people send their kids to school with PB&J sandwiches and tell their kids to LIE about what’s in their lunch, and that is just despicable. Don’t be that person. OK?)
  6. The longer you spend agonizing about your business card, the fewer you will hand out. Though that might have more to do with the fact that we arrived a fashionable two hours late. (see #1)
  7. Let some mommy bloggers lose on the town, give them some wine and appetizers, and they will have to be cajoled out of the building long after all the other guests have left, so small is their desire to go home and recloak themselves in the mantle of their responsibilities. Or as one mommy blogger said “I’m not leaving until I’m sure all my kids are fast asleep.” (No, it wasn’t me. My kids were probably asleep long before we even got to the party. See #1.)
  8. I do actually enjoy getting out and meeting people. Next time I flip out, someone please remind me of that. Thanks.

Don’t believe I was really hobnobbing with some of the Bay Area’s finest bloggers? Check out the video montage of all the Bloggers present at the shindig. (I’m 13 minutes in. And apparently I’m not convinced of either what I do, or who I parent. Or I’m really uncomfortable when someone sticks a camcorder up my nose. But my earrings are awesome.)