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Visit a C Wonder store and #UnwrapWonder

standard December 18, 2013 1 response

Last week, as most of the people in the area hunkered down and tried to stay warm as temperatures plummeted way below what any of us are used to (hey, be nice, there’s a reason we live in northern California!) I wound my way south to spend the evening at a gorgeous new store called C Wonder.

A month ago I had never even heard of this glittering gem, today it’s high on my list of places to stop by and visit when I’m at Santana Row (a super swanky downtown area nearby with great restaurants and high end stores).

C Wonder is a neat mix of preppy hipster goods that range from clothing and shoes to home and personal accessories. It’s a one stop shop for any shopping you might need. I scored some cute earrings for a teen and some fun stocking stuffers for my kids. I have my eye on a great cutting board for myself and a cute dog collar for our new puppy.

The light in the store is amazing and I had a blast taking photos of all the bright festive displays.

As friends arrived to come shop with me I dragged them from display to display, showing off the monogrammed gifts, the cute clothes, the holiday decorations, even the bicycles (yes, bicycles!) that C Wonder sells.

To be honest, we did spend most of our time drooling over the jewelry. I’m more of a silver kind of girl, but even I was tempted by a few of the shining gold pieces on display.

And then there were the shoes… ah yes… even shoes!

Stop into a nearby C Wonder store and check it out for yourself. I bet you can find the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person on your list! Like… maybe a bicycle with a wine basket? (What? Don’t tell me there isn’t at least one person on your list who wouldn’t want to have a wine picnic!)

Please note: I was compensated for the time spent at the C Wonder store and for this and my social media posts. All photos and opinions are mine and mine alone.

Shopping smarter with my smartphone

standard October 1, 2012 Leave a response

Before I get out of the car to head into a store, any store, I check that I have my keys (I’ve locked myself out of the car a time or three), my wallet (always handy for buying stuff), and my phone.

Why my phone?

Well, definitely not just so I can keep track of important emails that might come in at any time, that’s for sure!

Ever since I’ve gotten my smartphone (oh hallowed day that, that was…) it has become my trusty sidekick on all my shopping excursions.

At the grocery store I rely on my smartphone to deliver an edited, up-to-the-minute, shopping list. Whatever I might have forgotten to put on the list can be added as  my husband, standing in front of the pantry or the fridge, notices we’re missing something. More often than not he adds nonsense items which cause me to giggle as I meander up and down the aisles of the store, though the phone has saved us many a return trip to the store!

While I’m shopping for, well, pretty much anything, I use my smartphone to check product reviews on items I want to buy for the first time. With the help of my phone I’ve avoided buying a lamp that had the unfortunate habit of bursting into flames. While I’m at it, I check to make sure that the store I’m in offers the best price possible, of course taking into account the whole “but I want it now” factor.

Last, but definitely not least, I use my smartphone to stay connected to my people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve Tweeted or Facebooked that I was heading into a store only to have friends clue me into a great sale or a neat product I might not have known to look for before they mentioned it.

Like everyone obsessed with their phones, I’m always on the lookout for apps that will make my life easier. Thanks to eBay I’ve added a few to my arsenal.

The main eBay app allows me to quickly check for second hand versions of items I’m coveting, like say, that cute jacket at Lulu Lemon. Since over 70% of items sold on eBay are new, sometimes I even find deals that beat the in-store prices!

Among other things, the RedLaser app allows me to compare prices on anything with a simple scan of a bar code, which I love

The eBay Fashion app, unfortunately not available for Androids (yet), is finally the answer to my crippling lack of fashion sense. With it you can snap a picture of a fabric pattern and instantly find coordinating or matching items. Imagine! Finally couch cushions that don’t clash!

I love it when apps bring my online world into play with my “real” world experiences. It makes everything feel complete.

Join me and the rest of the Splash Creative Media team on Twitter, Tuesday, October 2nd at 12pmPST as we spend two hours chatting about all the ways our smartphones can make our real-world shopping experiences more rich and fruitful. We can’t wait to hear how your smartphone helps you shop smarter!

The #eBayMobile party will be hosted at www.ebay.com/mobileshopping. We’ll be giving away $25 eBay gift cards every 15 minutes!

RSVP below to be entered to win the $100 eBay gift-card grand prize!
(Please note, eBay is a client of Splash Creative Media. I was compensated for this post, but my love for my phone and my thoughts on shopping with it are mine and mine alone.)

Earth shoes for the winter (and a giveaway!)

standard September 21, 2012 166 responses

So, a while back, as spring was starting to break, I wrote a blog post raving about how Earth Shoes was going to make my summer, but how I couldn’t really demonstrate how gorgeous they would look with my summer wardrobe because all of my summer clothes were still in boxes.

I have good news. My summer clothes are no longer in boxes. Neither are my winter clothes. Though, to be fair, I live in California where it neither gets really hot nor really cold, so all my clothes are the same no matter the season.

I also have bad news. Today, on the day when I’m to write a blog post raving about how Earth Shoes are going to make my Winter, my lead photographer, C, fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm.

It is rather hard to take photos with just one arm.

She’s feeling fine, but we did have to enlist the little sister’s help with the photos and, even though the photo shoot proved highly entertaining, I didn’t have it in me to attempt more than one outfit.

So, in short, I love the adorable shoes that Earth sent me to see me through the winter. I’ve always had a soft spot for loafers and I love how these are so grown-up all while being a fun reddish shade of brown aptly called “Merlot.”

In my past lives I’ve always looked to loafers to carry me through the winter. In recent years I’ve somehow fallen prey to other, less classic, styles of shoes and I’m thrilled to be getting back to my roots.

Look how great I look in these? (Please to remember that the photographer is 5 and that her broken 7yo sister was laughing and distracting her. Plus, I think I look cute fuzzy and/or without a head. No?)

Alright, alright, I’m kidding. Here’s my winter uniform: my new jeans (not Mom Jeans thank you!), a cute t-shirt, and my new Earth shoes. Guarantee that if you see me about town, and I’ve had a chance to shower already, that’s what I’ll be wearing!

Cute, right?

Earth Shoes giveaway!
Would you like a pair of Earth shoes to carry you through winter too? (So sorry, the photographer isn’t part of the deal.) If so, and if you live in the continental US (sorry everyone else!) leave me a comment letting me know what size shoe you wear, which Earth shoes rock your world, and what outfit they’d match perfectly. I can’t guarantee that these are the shoes you’ll receive, but I can promise that whatever shoes you receive will be super comfortable! You can’t go wrong with Earth shoes!

For an extra entry per day Tweet this giveaway and come back to comment that you’ve done so.

Giveaway starts today 9/20 and ends October 4th at 10pm. Winner will be announced October 5th. 

Congratulations to Amy Pugmire Commentor #77 for winning! Here’s hoping her Earth Shoes make her winter extra awesome!

Please note: this post was sponsored by Earth Shoes. I was given a lovely pair of shoes to tell you about. All thoughts, stories, opinions, etc are mine and mine alone.

Starting the Back-to-school with a funny if not so sweet memory

standard August 7, 2012 1 response

C is my independent child. Little L, not so much, she’s more my little barnacle. But that’s not pertinent to this story.

No, this story, is about C’s first day of school. Her very first day as a big 2-year-old, getting ready to head off to preschool by herself for the very first time.

Look how big and ready she looked!

She knew the place well, her school was located where I worked. She knew the teacher, she knew the classrooms. And she couldn’t be more excited to be starting school.

We pulled into the parking lot right on time (a miracle that would not be repeated often that year…) and as soon as I had unbuckled her she was off, little wheely backpack bouncing behind her. I dove into the car to pull Little L’s infant car seat out, but before I was fully out, C had turned back, and, one hand on her hip, was imperiously telling me that she didn’t need me to accompany her to her classroom.

I gaped at her for a moment and then stammered out that yes, yes I did indeed need to accompany her to preschool, if only to sign her in for the morning. She actually rolled her tiny eyes at me and stalked off ahead. I sighed and followed.

Don’t worry, I got my fill of tearful goodbyes when Little L finally started school. In hindsight, the 2-going-on-12 attitude wasn’t as heartbreaking as it felt that day.

Three years later and it was Little L’s turn to start school for the first time!

Since that first day, even though we’ve had quite a few first days of school, our back-to-school routine still isn’t, well, routine. C went to two different preschools before starting Kindergarten, this year she’ll be heading to 2nd grade at yet another school. Little L is more fortunate in that she’s only ever been to the one preschool, but she also gets to start a new school this fall.

But still. New school, new routine.

Luckily a new location doesn’t mean that the basics change. Everyone still needs a new backpack. (Yes, even though I went for the more “expensive” option last year in the hopes that it would last us a few years.) Everyone needs a new, not moldy, lunchbox. And everyone definitely needs shoes and clothes that fit.

Every year I make this big show of dragging the kids to big-box stores to get their opinions on what new things they want. Then, when no one can decide on any of the sub-par options, I go home and order everything online.

Hurray for eBay!

Do you know how many cool lunchboxes you can score on eBay? Or how many backpack options they offer? And let’s not even talk about the clothing that you could find for your little scholars!

When you too are over the whole back-to-school crowds check out the back-to-school offerings on eBay. I guarantee you’ll find something you covet.

eBay is really bring the back-to-school fun! 
Check out these four social events they’ve cooked up to make the season brighter.

1) Join us on August 14th from 12pm-2pm PST for a super fun #eBaySchool Twitter Party where we will discuss lots of fun ways to stay sane during this rather hectic time of year. The Twitter party is being held at www.ebay.com/schoolparty. You must first RSVP at that location and also tweet from that URL to be eligible to win any of the 8 $25 eBay gift cards being awarded during the two hour event.

2) Pinterest Backpack Sweeps – 7/25-8/31 – Is your kid heading back to school? eBay’s Back to School Pinterest Sweepstakes will award daily winners a $100 eBay Gift Card to shop for their back to school essentials on eBay.com.

3) Pinterest Dorm Room Sweeps – 7/25-8/1 – Are you or your child heading to college? eBay is holding a Pinterest sweepstakes where one Grand Prize winner will receive a $5,000 eBay Shopping Spree toward a dorm room makeover. 

4) Facebook Instant Win Game – 8/1-8/31 – Play the eBay What’s In Your Backpack Instant Win Game for a chance to win a $50 eBay Gift Card to do some back to school shopping. Hurry, sweeps ends August 31, 2012!

Please note: eBay is a Splash Creative Media client and this is a compensated post. My endless passion for eBay is all mine and was highlighted by the lovely email they sent me last month congratulating me for celebrating my 8th anniversary of shopping with them. Eight. Years. Who knows how much I’ve managed to spend there over the last 8 years….