When does Hannukah start anyway? If you check Yahoo, you’ll get it wrong

standard November 27, 2013 Leave a response

Yesterday, in anticipation of the run on supermarkets today by people desperately gathering last minute supplies for their Thanksgiving feasts, I ran to Trader Joes to gather yogurts and other essentials we’d run out of.

My mind was 100% focused on the turkey holiday and 0% focused on the fact that Hannukah starts this week.

That’s how I found myself this morning opening my freezer in a blind panic to see if maybe a bag of frozen hash browns might be hiding in the back with a forgotten bag of frozen peas and carrots. Lucky me. There were in fact two. Yay latkes!

I messaged my husband. “We’re saved. I found some hash browns for the latkes.”

And he replied. “Whatever. We have until Friday.”

Which is when I realized he had no clue that Hannukah starts, in fact, today, not tomorrow. (Good thing I’m in charge of gift buying around here… )

He even tried to prove it to me. And he gloated, while I stared in silence at the search he sent me, because he thought I’d been silenced by his brilliance, while, in fact, I was silenced by Yahoo’s asshattery. (totally a word.) 

I mean, seriously. It wasn’t enough that they just destroyed Yahoo Mail and turned my days into a long series of tiny annoying frustrations? Now they can’t even get some basic facts right?

This is what they do. They peddle information. This is all they have left. Bummer they can’t even get that right.

Go home Yahoo. You’re drunk.

Thank you to Google for not only getting their facts straight, but for helping me win my argument. Much appreciated on all counts.

Correct date for Hannukah. Yay Google.

Happy latkes everyone. Except you Yahoo. You, you can just go away.