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Finally, Photos of The New ‘Do

standard February 25, 2009 8 responses

Last Thursday I had an appointment to get a hair cut. It was the first in over 8 months, so despite the family crisis I went through with it.

In the middle of fielding calls from M, my mom, my friend who was heading out of town, and my sisters wanting to know what was going on I flipped through style books and I came across a picture I kept going back to again and again. It was the style I had back when M and I lived in Paris, a couple lifetimes ago. It was a style that belonged to a younger more carefree version of myself. It was the style I all of a sudden desperately wanted to have again.

I went in for a trim and I came out with short hair.
But inside I’m definitely still the same as I was with long hair.
The silly, nutty person you all know and love.

M took these pictures and he’s frustrated that they don’t show the new ‘do properly, but I really didn’t like the other ones he took, so it’s the best you’re going to get tonight. Sorry!

New review and giveaway up at The Lemonade Stand. If you have young kids and love books you don’t want to miss this one!

Still looking for that elusive ideal work space

standard November 22, 2008 1 response

I wrote this post back in July. Early July if we’re going to be picky. In it I brought up two issues that, five months later, I somehow still haven’t resolved.

1. I’m still running around trying to get everything done.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays C has school from 9:30 to 12:30. We live 20 minutes away so taking her to school and going home makes no sense. I’d be wasting an hour of good work time. Instead I sit in an empty classroom on the campus and do battle with the terrible Wi-Fi. It’s free and I don’t have to buy a drink to use it, so I do my best to make it work. After school ends I take C to daycare and then I grab a bite to eat. By then it’s late enough that it’s once again not worth my time to drive home and back again, so I head to a coffee shop to work until it’s time to pick up the kids.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I take the girls to daycare then either go for a run then head home to work all day. Despite the fact that I’m home on those two days, I somehow never find the time to do the necessary housework, or to plan the elaborate meals I’d hoped to be cooking by now. All too soon it’s 5pm and time to rush to collect the girls.

So really, the only things that have changed are that 1) I’m writing more, 2) I’m earning less, and 3) the house is messier. But, you know, I’m living the dream and all that, so it’s worth it, because of #1 there. So, so worth it.

2. I still haven’t found the perfect coffee shop to work in.

As we’ve established above, I’m still spending an insane amount of time in various coffee shops. And frankly, I still haven’t found the coffee shop of my freelancing dreams. Some have terrible Wi-Fi. Some play terrible music. Some offer 2 hour parking and only 2 hour parking. Some have bad coffee. Some are too busy and loud. And frankly, none will let me claim a corner and just set up a little office with files and stuff. Why is that?

I know I should be grateful that I have so many places I can work from, but I constantly feel scattered and I really wish I could just find the ideal spot; a free consistent space where I could control the environment, focus, and not be forced to drink industrial quantities of coffee just so I can access the Internet.

I know. That might be a bit much for Santa to fit in his sack this year, right? Bummer.