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Fundamental difference between girls and boys

standard October 9, 2008 3 responses

I have two girls. Two little girls who pee. Of course they pee, duh. But they pee down. You know, down, not like little boys. Little boys somehow pee UP and then down. Don’t believe me? Go change a baby boy’s diaper.

The little boy pee trick has given me cause for chuckles over the years. There was that one time when my nephew let lose during a diaper change and peed into his own mouth. That was priceless. And then there was today. When, during a girly venting session this morning, my friend’s son let lose in the middle of a diaper change and peed into my diaper bag. Guess he got confused. Or, you know, decided that diaper bag/diaper all came down to semantics in the end.

The best part? I’m so not used to the little boy peeing UP thing that when the little arc started up, I didn’t realize what I was looking at first. In fact, I was taken with how pretty the droplets looked as they crossed a ray of sunshine. And I may even have thought to myself that it would be pretty neat to take a picture of the perfect arc reflecting the sun and that maybe I should have read Lotus’ droplets tutorial when I had the time.

It was all so beautiful. You know, before I realized that the arc of beautiful water droplets was landing in my bag. On my laptop case. And that it wasn’t water, it was pee. Which reminds me, I should probably go wash that case. And thank my daughters for peeing down.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m hosting a ridiculously cook baby sling giveaway? Yes? Well, have you entered? No? Why not?