Slacker Mom Vacation Wins

standard February 20, 2015 3 responses

This week was “Ski Week” in our school district, a bizarro break that can always be found somewhere between Winter Break and Spring Break, rumored to have started back when families would literally just head for the hills as soon as the snow got good and the schools started closing to pretend that they were controlling the situation. (OK, I admit I might have started that rumor.)

It’s kind of a joke these days because snow, like rain, has been rather scarce around these parts for the last few years.

In any case, god forbid the children ever have to go to school for more than 6 weeks at a time, and so Ski Week still exists.

And, while last week I had virtually no work to do, this week I was absolutely slammed. Which is awesome when you have two children begging to be entertained.

Even better, after two days of working like crazy and periodically yelling “I sure hope you guys aren’t on the computer again” out of my open office door, C and I came down with a small stomach bug.

She spent an evening throwing up, I spent almost 24 hours sleeping. Which was great, because of all the deadlines I somehow had to meet. For a whole day I alternated between intense writing and equally intense napping.

And that was the day I stopped asking them if they were on the computer or wondering just how many TV shows they’d watched.

Guilt gained ground as the nausea and sleepiness relented and I found myself lamenting my less-than-stellar vacation orchestrating to a friend the next day.

Her reply?

“You know, they’re still better off than the kids who are working in the fields.”

I stopped my whining and thought about it.

Two kids, playing educational games on computers and watching truly harmless TV shows, running around in the sunny backyard, no pressure, no schedule, just unstructured free time. For a week.

If you ask the International Unofficial College of Super Judgy Moms I have completely and utterly failed my kids this week. No educational day trips, no intricate crafts, endless hours where I completely ignored my kids…

If you check my Facebook stream, we have completely and utterly missed the point of Ski Week. Clearly we should have either been on a ski run or on a sandy sunny beach.

But if you ask me or my kids? I think we did this vacation just perfectly. I met all of my deadlines beautifully and my kids are relaxed and recharged and just about bored enough with each other’s ¬†company to almost want to go back to school.

Almost. But they shouldn’t worry too much. They’re off again in 6 weeks and I’m sure I’ll be just as lax about planning anything for them to do and just as busy then as I was this week.


Back to 80/20 and proud of it

standard September 20, 2011 4 responses

This morning I dropped C off at school wearing a cute black t-shirt, nice tan shorts, and a stunning pink boa tiara.

She’s 6. If she wants to be princess for a day, who am I to stop her?

Three blocks away from the school I finally remembered that it was school picture day.

That’s when I started laughing. Because really? I can’t make this stuff up.

10 days ago I  missed the first day of school. Today I blanked on picture day. I’m officially that mom, the one who loses papers, misses appointments, needs that extra phone call to be reminded about the special event.

Last week I was mortified about having missed the first day of school. Today I’m shrugging it all off and laughing about the tiara.

Seriously. How awesome are those photos going to be?

My kids are fed, clean, rested. C brings with her a well packed (if somewhat unoriginal and uninspired) lunch and snack. We’re working homework into our schedule and I might even get everyone to one of the birthday parties we’ve been invited to this weekend.

So fine, we pull into the school yard at the very last second before being late every day. Fine, I serve a lot of dinners out of the freezer. And yes, I’m skating by on about a million other things. But whatever. I’m pretty sure I’m not being graded on what my house looks like.

Two mornings ago, as I bustled around putting together C’s lunch and figuring out what the girls would wear, all while snatching quick sips of my rapidly cooling tea, C looked up from the breakfast table where she sat with Little L and M.

“I think we have the best family in the whole world.” She said in a quiet, very satisfied voice.

We’d just been talking about our day and making jokes. There had been kisses and hugs and it was just a low key, easy morning. It wasn’t anything special or memorable. It just felt like home. Like love.

The floors are sticky and I keep forgetting important dates, but as long as the people who matter are happy, I’m fine with how we’re doing. I’m eschewing perfection and embracing the 80/20 rule.

I can’t wait to see the school photo of C with her tiara and Girls Rock t-shirt. It might be the only school photo I ever get framed.

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