Flip Camcorder – My Top Ten Uses

standard April 7, 2009 14 responses

I am a little obsessed with my Flip Mino camcorder. I always carry it around with me and I’ve found a number of uses for it, you know, to justify its constant presence in my purse.

1) Camcorder – Duh. It turns on fast and is relatively unobtrusive so I don’t miss key moments like Little L eating bubble solution or C making it all the way across the Monkey Bars.

2) Voice Recorder – I discovered this the other day when I was driving and desperately wanted to take notes on the novel before I forgot them. (I don’t get to sleep much. I forget stuff fast.) Without looking I was able to turn on the Flip and hit record. I spoke all my notes into it and didn’t forget a thing. Bonus, I only felt a bit silly transcribing my notes.

3) Unique Birthday Greetings – When a special birthday rolls around for an out of town family member or friend I get the girls to record a quick birthday greeting and send off the video in an email. Much better than the usual eGreeting! Plus with the new Flip software you can add cute borders to your greeting.

4) Distraction in long lines, at restaurants, or at the doctor’s office – We record silly videos, interview each other, and do anything else that will make the girls laugh. In a pinch we record “puppet shows” with their loveys. It’s a sure thing.

5) Shopping! – Need help making a decision? Not quite sure? Quick video of yourself in the mirror, take that home, send it to some friends. Presto! Decision help.

6) Check teeth, make-up, etc. Forgot your trusty mirror, no problem!

7) Never forget where you parked your car – Never know where to find your car? Before you leave the parking lot grab your Flip and capture the floor, the spot, and the nearest entrance!

8) Child ID – Before heading out to a public space, instead of making a mental note of what your child is wearing snap a short video of your child. If the worst should (God forbid) happen, you can share the video with the police so they have a clear picture of your child.

9) Travel Companion – Stay close to your family remotely. Share the inside of your hotel room, record yourself reading a bedtime story, show off neat things you see along the way.

10) Play games with your kids – Do a close up movie of something and see if they can guess what it is. Create a fun treasure hunt. Play memory. Whatever your imagination dictates!

I can only imagine that I’m barely scratching the surface of Flip hacks. I’m going to keep mine handy just in case.