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Changed, by Rascal Flatts

standard April 21, 2012 Leave a response

There are songs that I know and love, songs that make me dance in my chair, or want to bust a move when I hear them over a loudspeaker… usually while shopping for the week’s groceries. Most of the time I know the name of the song and even the artist, but once in a while songs haunt me, the artists elude me, the track remains just obscure enough that I can’t quite put my hand on it.

Then, when all the stars align and I’m in the right place at the right time, I finally discover what I was missing and whole new world opens up.

OK, fine, that might be a tad melodramatic. But the day that I happened to be watching CSI (which rarely, if ever, happens) and they happened to be covering a case featuring a country rock band, that’s totally how it felt.

You see, there I was, minding my own business, doing some work on the computer, half listening to the show, when the country rock band burst into song. Life is a highway. And instantly I was dancing around on the couch.

That song always makes me want to dance.

And that’s how I discovered that Rascal Flatts was the band that played that song, and host of others that also made me move.

Who says that TV can’t teach you anything?

The latest Rascal Flatts album, CHANGED, has just been released and it’s been playing in my car pretty much non-stop since I received it last week. This new album is much more country than it is rock, but I’ve really been enjoying the music and getting to know the lyrics.

Hop on over to RascalFlatts.com to see when they’ll be touring in your area or to hear the album for yourself! Or you know, you can do what I did and just wait for the songs to start playing at your local grocery store. Wait, on second thought, I don’t really recommend that. The kids find it really embarrassing when you start dancing and singing in the frozen food aisle.

Rascal Flatts CHANGED album

Please note, I was sent the Rascal Flatts CHANGED album to review and I’m being compensated to write this post. But, as you well know, the opinions and thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone.