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My absolute favorite time sucks

standard March 20, 2009 3 responses

Along with all it’s invaluable resources and treasure troves of information the Internet offers an endless supply of time sucks. You know, sites that are hilarious, quirky, odd, fascinating, distracting, puzzling, anything but, uh, you know, useful.

I have my favorites, sites I check every day, at least once. They’re my little pick-me-up. Sadly what’s supposed to be a five minute break and can turn into a marathon of web surfing, which is fun, but not always, OK fine, never productive.

Lucky you, I’m going to share my favorite time sucks with you, because I care. And because I don’t want to be the only one wasting hours minutes every day.

1) I can haz a cheezburger – AKA Lolcats. – You might not like cats, in fact you might hate them, but I guarantee you’ll still laugh when you visit this site.
2) Cake Wrecks – This site will change how you look at cakes in bakery windows forever. Guaranteed. And it might make you bust a gut laughing, it’s that funny.
3) Failblog – this is a bit cheating because it’s a sister site to Lolcats, but it’s my new personal favorite. If you used to laugh at the Darwin Awards you don’t want to miss this one.
4) PostSecret – This isn’t so much funny as incredibly thought provoking. Anonymous secrets mailed in on hand designed post cards. Sad, funny, quirky – can’t ever miss it. Only posted on Sundays.
5) YouTube – but you probably already knew that. Go there looking for one measly music video for the kids and spend an hour watching a ton of random clips.

If I really search I can find you more, but these are really the top five*. If you’re desperate for one more you can always check out True Mom Confessions, I try to steer clear because really, there are only so many hours a day you can fritter away, and I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to anonymous confessions from other moms. Once I start reading I can’t tear myself away no matter what.

Enjoy, and, ah, don’t blame me if you lose a couple of days of productivity. K?

*I am intentionally not including Twitter in this list despite the amount of time I spend there because of the amazing work related connections I’ve made. As such it just doesn’t qualify as a true time suck for me.

If a blogger talks on the radio and no one listens, do trees fall in the forest?

standard December 9, 2008 6 responses

You guys think I’m a busy little blogger? You haven’t met my sister yet. She jumped into the deep end and started swimming as soon as she hit the water. Now she has a review blog, a writing blog, and a “regular blog.” And that’s above and beyond all the other writing that she does around the web and the new marketing company that she and a friend have started. Oh, and the three young children she’s raising. Begs the question of when she sleeps, but that’s not why I’m telling you all this.

No, I’m telling you because she was supposed to be on Chatter Box on Blog Talk Radio on Wednesday and it turns out that she can’t make it, and so I’m going to take her spot. Me! On the radio! Gak. It’s a show about interfaith holiday celebrations. I guess as a convert to Judaism who still celebrates Christmas with her family (Who, by the way, is also now mostly Jewish.) I should be able to find a thing or two to talk about. And if you haven’t guessed by now I’m a bit verbose by nature and I’m not always good at knowing when to stop talking. But I’m still really, really nervous.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know what I sound like, or you just want to hear me make a fool of myself live on the radio, tune in to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/chatterboxradio on Wednesday morning at 10est/7pst. If, like me, you’re not so much of a morning person you can always tune in after the fact to listen to the show, but then you won’t be able to call in with witty questions and comments! I’m going to do my best to be awake, to sound smart, and to do my sister proud. Can someone else supply the coffee?

Original It’s my life… post.

My critical eye and ever ready camera

standard November 25, 2008 3 responses

I used to sail through my days with blinders on; minding my own business, never noticing anyone or anything else. Then I discovered the blogosphere and such gems as Cake Wrecks, Craftastrophe, I can has Cheeseburger?, Passive-aggressive Notes, and of course, Apostrophe Catastrophe.

Now, aside from missing a couple hours out of every week*, I’m also always spending an inordinate amount of time looking around me for any possible humorous cat poses, hideous cakes, jaw dropping crafts, passive-aggressive notes, and classic grammatical errors so that I could snap a quick picture and reach Internet fame, or just get a few people to chuckle.

This week I finally found a worthy sample! Whoooot!

Driving behind a truck I was so pleased to see that they hadn’t made the crucial apostrophe error that irritates me, and so many other Internet peeps, insane. I was so proud of them that I grabbed my camera (at the red light) and I snapped a picture. And then I saw their slight grammatical snaffu.

Do you see it?
Down there? In the bottom right hand corner?
How about now?

*I take no responsibility for any future time lost from your days because of the links you may or may not be discovering today. Nope no responsibility. Click at your own risk!

State of the Freelancer

standard November 19, 2008 4 responses

“So? How’s the writing coming along?” They always ask. And truthfully, it’s a valid question. I quit a job with a steady paycheck to follow my bliss and become a writer. It makes sense that four months later people would want to know how I was getting on with becoming the next great American writer.

“Ah, it’s, ah, going great!” I answer, because it is! I love being a writer. I love spending my days writing articles. I love everything about it, not the least of which is seeing my name at the top or bottom of something I’ve composed and published.

But I’m pretty sure that’s not what they want to know. They want to know if I’m making any money. And, ah, so far, not so much. So then stammer and launch into my favorite explanation: I’m treating my new business like a Start-Up. I’m networking like crazy. I’m writing as much as I can and getting my name out there. I’m making plans. I’m thinking big. And I’m trying hard not to worry about the limited income. Hey, at least I’m doing better than most Start-Ups, I’m not bleeding money!

Oh, and in case you were wondering where else you can read all my brilliant prose…
I recently started writing for New Mother Central, where I’d love some comment love and support.
I write weekly(ish) at Type-A Moms, where I’m the Babies editor and where you can win awesome prizes all week.
I write bi-weekly(ish) at Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Where I’m known as Rose.
Of course I Twitter hourly, but most of you already know that.