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President Barak Obama’s Inauguration: As seen by a 3-year-old

standard January 20, 2009 6 responses
Ehhhhmo! Ehhhmo!” Little L says, handing me the remote insistently.
“No, baby, no Elmo this morning. This morning we are watching history being made! It’s a very important day!”
“Mommy, this TV show is bad. This is not good for us to watch.” Chimes in C, coming to see what Little L and I are talking about.
“No, no, this TV show is good! It’s great! One day you’ll be able to say that you saw this happen!”
“Why? What is it?”
“Well, today we get a new president!”
“Why do we need a new president?”
“Well, the old one is done with his turn. It’s the new president’s turn now.”

“Mommy? Does the new president have more hair than daddy?”
“Uh, no, actually he doesn’t.”
“But, are they the same?”
“Not exactly, the new president has dark skin, like your babysitter.”

“Oh! Look! There’s the old president!”
“Mommy, he’s making a lot of deals. Why?”
“Deals? What do you mean?”
“He’s doing what we do when we make a deal.” She said, holding out her hand as an example.
“Oh! Right!” I said, looking at the exiting president, making the rounds, shaking hands right and left. “He’s not making deals, that’s how grown-ups say hello to each other.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! There he is! There’s the new president!” I bounced up and down on the couch.
“Him? That’s the new president? I LOVE THAT GUY!” C yelled jumping up and down next to me. “I like him SO MUCH!”
“Me too baby, me too.”

“Mommy? Why are all the people sleeping?”
“They’re not sleeping honey, they’re praying.”

“Mommy? When is the visitor coming?”
“What visitor?” I said, looking frantically around at the mess surrounding us.
“The new visitor.”
“What new visitor.”
“The one we’re watching on the TV!”
“Oh! The new president! He’s a president, not a visitor.”
“So he’s not coming here?”
“No, he’s not coming here. He’s going to be very busy starting tomorrow. He has a lot of work to do!”
“What does he have to do?”
“He has to fix the country!”
“Who broke it?”
“Well, the old president made some bad decisions and some bad choices. Now things have to be fixed.”
“Did he break some trees?”
“Uh, actually, in a way he did, and lots of other things. Now the new president needs to try to fix it.”

“Mommy? Why are all the people so happy?”
“Well, they chose that president. They’re very excited that he’s starting his new job.”
“Oh.” She said, frowning. “I wanted to choose too. I want to choose someone different.”
“Oh? Who would you choose?”
“I want to choose a pretty lady.”
“One thing at a time sweetie. Maybe next time we’ll choose a pretty lady.”

“Yes honey?”
“Can we watch Little Einsteins now?”

She won’t remember watching President Barak Obama be inaugurated, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget sitting on the couch holding both of my daughters close to me as the country breathed a dual sigh of hope and relief all while beaming with pride.

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From the mouths of babes: My girls are just too classy

standard January 20, 2009 1 response
Recently Little L has shown a little interest in what goes on under my shirt. And by that I mean that she pulls my shirt down and says “Wah dah?” Then, when I tell her that those are my boobies she laughs hysterically. She does this often.
Today she stood in the middle of the room, pulled her own shirt down and yelled “BOOOBAHS!”
We reenacted that a lot today. Much laughter ensued.

C is all about using big words. The other day at the pediatrician’s office she wowed the nurse practitioner by saying “Oh, it was hilarious, the Sesame Street band-aids just – would – not – stick, but the Dora band-aid works just fine!” I don’t think she’d ever heard a 3.5-year-old use the word hilarious before.

Tonight C hopped off the toilet and said “I love going potty! It just makes me feel so good!”
Because, clearly just because three-year-olds use big words doesn’t mean they don’t have to be, you know, three.

Oh, I know I was supposed to write about the inauguration tonight. But what is there to say? Yay! New president! WHOOT, buh bye W, don’t let the door hit you on the way out?

OK, fine, I know there’s a ton more to be said, but I feel like I said everything I wanted to say in my open letter to President Obama back in November when he was elected. Which is not to say that I won’t be watching the inauguration with bated breath tomorrow. Because, you know, WHOOT! New president! And, oh yeah, W? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Buh bye now! Take care.

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