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What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

standard May 7, 2014 Leave a response

Sunday is Mother’s Day. It always shocks me when it takes me by surprise. You’d think that years of working in the greeting card industry would attune you to holidays even long after you’ve left the business, but apparently the heightened awareness of Important Days That Must Be Marked With Stationery doesn’t last as long as one might think.

So here I am, a mere 5 days away from the annual day to celebrate moms and I’ve barely given it a thought. Until this morning I hadn’t even really even asked myself what I might want for Mother’s Day.

Note, I say asked myself, because, to be honest, no one around here has asked me what I want. I’m taking this to mean that they have the biggest and bestest surprise planned. I can’t wait.

But if they did ask, here’s what I’d say.

This year, for Mother’s Day, I really, really, really, want 24 whole hours where I do not have to make a single decision, where everyone anticipates my every need and desire without me having to ask or hint.

I can’t tell you how loved it would make me feel to have them all say “we know you love this, so that’s what we’re doing today!”

Simple enough, right? But for a mom who juggles two to three needs other than hers on a daily basis, constantly having to make decisions while keeping in mind how it’ll impact everyone else’s moods and feelings, it would be a heaven of a holiday.

If that’s just too much to ask, then I’d happily settle for a Nikon 55-200VR lens. The next best thing to not having to make any decisions is getting to snap pictures of my family doing the things they needed me to tell them we were going to do.

Nikon 55-200 VR

Oh… baby…

What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist? 

Join me and the Splash Creative Media team Wednesday, May 7th 12-1PST as we chat with eBay about their latest app release and Mother’s Day! Odds are high that if you want it, eBay has it for sale!

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Please note: I am a Splash Creative Media principal and as such was compensated for this post.

When does Hannukah start anyway? If you check Yahoo, you’ll get it wrong

standard November 27, 2013 Leave a response

Yesterday, in anticipation of the run on supermarkets today by people desperately gathering last minute supplies for their Thanksgiving feasts, I ran to Trader Joes to gather yogurts and other essentials we’d run out of.

My mind was 100% focused on the turkey holiday and 0% focused on the fact that Hannukah starts this week.

That’s how I found myself this morning opening my freezer in a blind panic to see if maybe a bag of frozen hash browns might be hiding in the back with a forgotten bag of frozen peas and carrots. Lucky me. There were in fact two. Yay latkes!

I messaged my husband. “We’re saved. I found some hash browns for the latkes.”

And he replied. “Whatever. We have until Friday.”

Which is when I realized he had no clue that Hannukah starts, in fact, today, not tomorrow. (Good thing I’m in charge of gift buying around here… )

He even tried to prove it to me. And he gloated, while I stared in silence at the search he sent me, because he thought I’d been silenced by his brilliance, while, in fact, I was silenced by Yahoo’s asshattery. (totally a word.) 

I mean, seriously. It wasn’t enough that they just destroyed Yahoo Mail and turned my days into a long series of tiny annoying frustrations? Now they can’t even get some basic facts right?

This is what they do. They peddle information. This is all they have left. Bummer they can’t even get that right.

Go home Yahoo. You’re drunk.

Thank you to Google for not only getting their facts straight, but for helping me win my argument. Much appreciated on all counts.

Correct date for Hannukah. Yay Google.

Happy latkes everyone. Except you Yahoo. You, you can just go away.

Big plans and wishes for 2013

standard December 31, 2012 1 response

At the end of 2011, I sat, numb, trying to recap the year, trying to find the silver lining in all the challenges we felt. That I managed to do so is a clear testimony to my eternal Pollyanna attitude towards life.

I had such hopes for 2012. I thought that for sure, after such a bad year, that we were owed a great one to make up for it all.

I’m not a baby. I should know better than to think it works like that.

And to be fair, 2012 didn’t carry with it the mega challenges that 2011 enjoyed throwing at us every time we turned around. It really was a good year.

We bought a new house.
The kids started a great new school.
We made new friends.
We enjoyed relatively good health (relative being the operative word here…).

I think it’s just that I expected that I could bounce back from everything and be fine. That everything would go back to being easy.

Turns out 2012 was the year of… recovery… I guess. The year where there were no more battles to be fought, no more crises to be managed. The year when, instead, I could go about fixing things for real instead of patching them up and moving on to deal with the next emergent situation.

Healing is hard work, yo.

Recovering is hard too.

I spent much of 2012 in a fog, just trying to get through the weeks, through the days.

My hope for 2013 is that this is the year I’ll regain some focus. The year where I’ll stop being afraid that if I do try to regain control the rug won’t be ripped out from under my feet again.

I have big plans and hopes for 2013, so here’s hoping that 2013 chooses to cooperate.

Happy new year everyone! Here’s to 2013 being everything you hope it will be.



Easy gifting thanks to eBay

standard December 5, 2012 Leave a response

I love the holidays. I love the green, the red, the food, the friends, but mostly I love giving gifts. I get such a rush out of finding that thing that makes people’s eyes light up with the delight a child feels on Christmas morning when he realizes that Santa read his note and got him the exact thing he wanted.

It’s pure awesome.

For the most case I know months ahead of time what I’ll be getting for people. The kids make it easy by dropping hints every time we enter any store. My friends make it easy by being their awesome selves. But there are always a couple people, those few outliers, who already have everything and seem to want nothing.

Call me crazy, but I still want to get them gifts, I just need a little help to figure out how to wow them.

eBay, always eager to help delight people, has created a neat Facebook app that allows you to know exactly what your friends are interested in receiving. Just plug in their names and let the app do the work. It’ll read your friends’ Facebook posts and will suggest gifts that your friends might like. Then you can just shop straight from the app and get that gift that will make their day.

The app is uncannily accurrate. My friend posted about ponies yesterday morning and the app suggested that we get him some My Little Ponies. For the most part though, the app has some great suggestions. The only way it could be better is if it allowed the user to search and offer ideas and to reject some of the app’s suggestions.

I’ve been plugging in my family members, my friends, everyone I can think of and I’ve come up with some great ideas for gifts. I just can’t wait to see what they think!

As for the kids, you know, the ones not old enough to be on Facebook yet, eBay has thought of them too! Give the app your child’s name, their age, and their gender and the app will supply smart gift ideas. Your child can click and drag what catches their eye into a list that can easily be shared with friends and family for easy gifting.

To make things even more fun, the app sends you an email addressed to your child, assuring him or her that elves are hard at work fulfilling their greatest wishes.

Check out the eBay Holiday Gift Shop app, I guarantee you’ll find something you hadn’t thought of! And shall we make things more fun? Every day a lucky winner will receive something on their wishlist along with a $100 eBay gift card. So, go on, wish away! You never know what might delight you!

(Please note: eBay is a Splash Creative Media client and I have been compensated to write this post. The opinions contained within are mine and mine alone.)