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I wrote a novel; now I need your help

standard January 16, 2014 1 response

As you know, if you read this blog even sporadically, way back in 2007 I sat down at a coffee shop table, placed Little L’s baby carrier at my feet, and typed the first words to a story that would, over the course of the next five years, become Aloha Also Means Goodbye, my very first novel.

Typing those words never stops feeling surreal. Writing a novel is one of the hardest and most amazing things I’ve ever accomplished. I have to admit I’m not just a little proud.

Aloha Also Means Goodbye is the story of a girl, Jo, who heads to Hawaii to renew her wedding vows with Jordan, the man who saved her when she was beyond broken. When she arrives on the island she discovers that Andy, part of the reason she needed fixing, is there too. With the help of her two best friends, and despite the meddling of her mother, Jo has to face down her past in order to move on with her future.

It’s a fun read; a quick escape to a tropical island. If you’re looking for a little vacation, it’s the perfect book for you!

Right now the book is available in Kindle format, which means that you can read it on a Kindle or any device that supports a Kindle app (computer, smart phone, iPad, iPod, tablet…. You name it, it probably has an available Kindle app). We’re releasing the paper version imminently. So if digital books really aren’t your cup of tea, hang tight!

But really, why this post?

Well, that’s simple; I need your help. And please, let me assure you, asking for help is not something that comes easy to me. If I’m asking it’s because I truly believe that you can make a huge difference. Even with just a few seconds of your time!

Interested? Yay! Here’s what you can do!

1) Read the book! (Ok, ok, that was a pot shot. Sorry.)
2) If you’ve already read the book (Thank you!) pretty please take a minute to write a review
       a) on Amazon (My goal is to reach 25 reviews! Help!)
       b) on Goodreads
3) If you haven’t already read the book, please take a second to
       a) mark it as “want to read” on Goodreads
       b) put it on your wishlist on Amazon
4) Tell your friends about it!

That’s it! Now you have my eternal gratitude!

Oh wait. One more thing.

I’m killing myself in an effort to not spam people via email. I only ever want to send emails to people who want them.  I also don’t want anyone to miss updates about sales, deals, important releases, or even book tours. So, if you’re interested in hearing about any of that, pretty please subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/LKUSz. I promise to only ever email you when I have something of value to say!

Now I’m all done. Off you go and read or something. I’ll try not to bite my knuckles too hard while I wait to hear what you think.

Spare a moment for a friend?

standard March 19, 2010 1 response

I don’t often ask for favors and, to be fair, this one isn’t for me.

I have a friend, a virtual friend, a bloggy friend, a woman I’ve met a handful of times, but who I still feel incredibly close to, who needs a hug, a high five, or just to know that people around the world are thinking of her and helping her to be strong.

Susan at Toddler Planet is an amazing, inspiring, wonderful person and it’s tearing me up inside that she’s facing yet another cancer scare. But she’d kick my butt if she thought I was feeling sorry for her. Which I’m not! (Honest Susan! Put the foot down!) I’m just mad. Because crappy things shouldn’t happen to great people.

The only thing I can do from far away is send her daily funny, inspiring, or just sappy hellos and thoughts. I can send you guys to do the same. And I can put the Team WhyMommy button back on my blog. I took it down when Susan declared she was done talking about cancer so she could focus on her cancer free life.

I’m putting it back up until she says that again. (Hopefully in the next couple of days when her biopsy results come in.)

Susan I’m standing by your side all the way. You know, even if I’m miles and miles away.

Writing really is the answer! That and the people in the computer.

standard October 1, 2008 2 responses

You know how people always say “Write it down, you’ll feel better.” We’ll it seems that they’re right. Maybe sitting down and putting what had been bothering me into words helped, maybe putting it out there for the world to read made it tangible and therefore fixable, or maybe the support of my Internet friends telling me I wasn’t alone comforted me. Whatever it was, I feel exponentially better today than I did yesterday.

I’m pretty sure at this point that I am not depressed, just as I said, extremely busy and overwhelmed. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel, and if things don’t settle down I have a couple ideas about how to take control of the situation. And no, it doesn’t involve hiding under the bed until everyone leaves.

For those of you who might be worried that I’m ignoring a potentially bad situation, I carefully pondered the questions that Mihaela left in the comments yesterday and decided I wasn’t at risk.

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, but do you feel like that for weeks at a time?
Well yes, but it’s pretty recent, and there are, as mentioned yesterday, real reasons for being overwhelmed right now.

Have you lost interest in things you’re usually interested in?
Still want to write, read, watch TV, spend time with my family, and eat. Check.

Is your mind slowing down, are you finding it hard to focus, and not having thoughts/ideas – or having repetitive thoughts (brooding)?
Most definitely not. Lots and lots of ideas. Even an idea for a new novel!

Are you having thoughts that you don’t recognize as your own (such as thoughts about death and dying)?
I’m having more nightmares, but no other scary thoughts.

See? See? I’m going to be just fine. But you know, if you’re extra worried and you want to come clean my house for me you’re more than welcome. What? No? OK, fine. The place will stay messy, I’ll keep plugging away at my to-do lists, and soon, really, really soon, I think I’ll feel on top of everything again. And if I don’t? I’ll just write about it some more until I can see clearly again.

New The Lemonade Stand post up! Check out the love child of Sesame Street and K’NEX.