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11 Ideas for Great Halloween Cupcakes

standard October 24, 2012 3 responses

11 Ideas for Scary Cute and easy Halloween Cupcakes

So, our school is one of those schools that kindly ask that you refrain from baking class treats.

Let’s be clear, I’m not particularly a huge baker, but frankly nothing makes me want to bake cupcakes more than being asked not to.

I’m perverse like that.

So, what did I do when told I shouldn’t bake cupcakes for the class Halloween party that’s taking place just before lunch? Duh, I went to Pinterest and did a search for “Halloween cupcakes.” (What? You don’t torture yourself this way? Odd that.)

After much research I’ve found 11 awesome ideas for Halloween Cupcakes that I think I could totally be able to replicate even if I though I’m not allowed to attempt them for the class party, and one treat that I definitely could.

(Please note, I did not design any of these treats. Nor did I test them, because I’d have to eat them all… and that would be baaad. Click on through and read the comments!)

1) Monster cupcakes – Adorably scary.
Monster cupcakes

Recipe and photos by lifewiththecrustcutoff.com

2) Scary easy spider cupcakes – Eat ’em before they come get you.

Spider cupcakes

Design and photo by boxycolonial.com

3) Precious ghosts – I’ll pretend I could make these, you pretend they aren’t too pretty to eat.

Cute Ghosts

Design and photo by buttercreamblondie.com

4) Eye-ball cupcakes – Finally that extra eye you’ve always needed!

Design and photo by thedomesticrebel.com

Design and photo by thedomesticrebel.com

5) Low-fat Mummy Cupcakes – To balance out the bag of mini-Snickers I know you already ate.

Mummy cupcakes

Recipe and photo by Skinnytaste.com

6) Spiderweb cupcakes – So easy, even I could decorate these. Maybe…

Design and photos by thegraciouswife.com

Design and photos by thegraciouswife.com

7) Googly eyes cupcakes – If your kids don’t eat all your marshmallows.

Design and photos by thedecoratedcookie.com

Design and photos by thedecoratedcookie.com

8) Halloween Witch Cupcakes – For those looking to buck the traditional cupcake format

Design and photo from Parents.com

Design and photo from Parents.com

9) Owl-y Cupcakes – Hoo hoo knows how to use Oreos creatively?

10) Skeleton cupcakes – Hands down my favorites, and not just because they don’t have hands.

Design and photos by cookiesandcups.com

Design and photos by cookiesandcups.com

And last, but not least, one non-cupcake treat just because we’re cray-cray like that around here or maybe just because I really do think I could get these to look just like the picture… or close.

Another Halloween comes and goes

standard November 1, 2010 8 responses

C was so excited about Halloween this year. She talked about it non-stop for weeks and for once I thought we’d get out without any incident.

We went trick-or-treating in town yesterday and she held her own, only balking once or twice at some particularly freaky masks. Then, tonight, faced with countless people coming to the door and the growing dark outside she all of a sudden freaked out and point blank refused to go out.

She’s been working so hard to overcome her fear of people in costumes, but this was just not going to be the Halloween she’d dreamed of for weeks. Instead of heading out with my Minnie Mouse and Sassy Ladybug, I headed out with a hastily redressed Snow White (Minnie Mouse got her dress wet during dinner.) and left the sad ladybug hiding in her room.

Two years ago I would have pressured her into coming out. I would have cajoled and begged, even maybe threatened. Tonight I just made sure that she was doing exactly what she wanted, grabbed my camera, and headed out with Little L and some friends.

It wasn’t the ideal Halloween, but it worked. Little L had a blast and when we came back, we found C watching the Giants game with her dad, cozy on the couch, not a tear in sight. I didn’t have to soothe any fears before bed and I know that there won’t be any nightmares tonight.

It was just another night when accepting who my kids are, trumped experiencing things the way we idealize them.

From It’s my life…

From It’s my life…

The Princess Cowgirl and the Princess Witch Halloween it up

standard November 3, 2009 3 responses

Their mother is a mommy blogging novelist marketer, their daddy is a ukulele playing lawyer, so is it really all that surprising that C and Little L couldn’t decide on just one costume for this Halloween?

Beautiful Princess Witch.
“Because witches are kind of like princesses, right mommy?”
Witch Princess Image with Nikon D40
Cowgirl princess!
Complete with cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, and hand-me-down Gymboree jeans.
Cowgirl Princess Image with Nikon D40
We did some afternoon trick-or-treating in town.
And we faced the hordes of other candy hungry kids.
Trick-or-treaters image with Nikon D40
Little L was delighted with the whole thing.
Her hat, curls, boots, and blue eyes delighted everyone else.
Cowgirl Princess Image with Nikon D40
We also did some evening trick-or-treating.
The Princess Witch was very excited about the whole thing.
Patient, but excited.
Witch Princess with Nikon D40
 Note the red cowgirl boots?
And the barely contained excitement?
Trick-or-Treaters with Nikon D40
 We took our friend M.J. trick-or-treating for her very first time.
Though that banana turned out to be her favorite treat of all.
Infant Monkey Halloween Costume with Nikon D40
 Our favorite trick was putting her in a tree.
Infant Monkey Halloween Costume with Nikon D40

 It was a low key, easy Halloween with no drama and very few tears. C clutched a flashlight tightly and only freaked out at the sight of one costumed boy. All in all it was a very successful evening, which gives me hope that the horrible no good terrible Halloweens really are a thing of the past!

A Toddler’s Halloween

standard October 6, 2008 10 responses

The days grow shorter and colder and all of a sudden pumpkins and ghouls pop up everywhere. People start to ask each other what they want to be for Halloween and start storing up bright bags filled with fun size candy bars. You and I know what it’s all about, we’ve done Halloween a few, OK fine, many times. But for toddlers who are already constantly trying to make heads or tails of the madness that is the grown-up world, Halloween is just a little more craziness that just makes no sense.

364 days a year they aren’t allowed to talk to strangers, but one night a year they get to speak to every grown-up they meet. Every other day they are absolutely not allowed to take candy from strangers, but one night a year they not only get to take candy, but they’re supposed to ask for it. And even stranger, one night a year, instead of getting tucked up safe and sound in their snug little beds, we dress them up in itchy uncomfortable costumes and we parade them out in the streets past their bed times to go collect candy that they probably won’t get to eat anyway.

Crazy much?

I learned my lesson two years ago. Halloween is not fun for a toddler who craves order and normalcy. We took C out trick-or-treating because we thought it would be fun and we paid the price for days. She refused to go to sleep on her own and had horrible nightmares that woke her up at all times of the night. The following year we were much more cautious and this year, even though all she talks about is dressing up and going out to trick-or-treat, we’re still going to be careful.

Little L is at the same age as C was when she had her terrible reaction, and frankly, I think C is all talk. When push comes to shove, or rather trick comes to treat, I don’t think she’s going to be as brave as she thinks and I don’t think I can relive the post-Halloween nightmare week. So we’re going to dress up our little chicken and tiny clown and before dark we’re going to go knock on a couple neighbor’s doors, then we’ll come home and wait for the ghouls, cats, witches, transformers, and all other little changelings to come out of the dark to ring the bell and sing out TRICK-OR-TREAT as they wait with eager faces for us to fill their smiling pumpkin buckets. After that, hopefully the world will change back to normal, or what passes for normal to a toddler at least.