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Made by two kids, fit for a bird

standard May 29, 2009 1 response

The box containing a little birdhouse kit arrived last week. Now, it’s no secret that I’m not a huge bird fan, but I do like the build things, and I knew that the kids would love it too. The explanatory email from Graco sealed the deal. I may not like birds, but I can’t resist a contest!

I won’t lie to you. I did consider building the thing on the sly and decorating it behind the children’s backs. I just knew it would be… neater if I did it. But what can I say. I must love my kids more than winning, because as hard as it was to let go, I gave them free reign to decorate at will. OK, well maybe not free reign, but almost. Come on! I tried! And it’s not like I went back to fix their design after they went to take a bath. Well, not much. OK. I’m pathetic. But my kids are cute, and their birdhouse turned out… well, you tell me.

They painted.
Little L got in on the action too.
Even though it was a bit of a stretch for her.
And she kept having to beg for “more” paint.
C was adamant that the inside also be painted.
You know, so the birds would like it more.
And there you have it!
A clean girl and a finished birdhouse!
A proud, clean girl!
And one gorgeous birdhouse.

Now go forth and vote! And may the best birdhouse win! (Voting opens May 30th)

Who was that kid? And why don’t I remember that time?

standard January 10, 2009 3 responses

I snapped this picture a couple of days ago. The girls were playing with the Graco SweetPeace that we’d brought out for Baby M.J. so she’d have a place to hang while her parents were ringing in the new year with us.
That is obviously not Baby M.J. who is all of 4 weeks old, but our very own Little L, always anxious to explore fun baby things.

I hadn’t let her climb in the SweetPeace while the whole thing was assembled, so as soon as I separated the seat from the base she climbed right in and got cozy. As a baby she didn’t spend a ton of time in the SweetPeace. Maybe because we got it when she was already almost 5 months old, and I was convinced that she was already too big for it, or maybe because she spent all her time attached to my boob and it was hard for me to fit in the SweetPeace with her. Or maybe she did spend a lot of time in the thing and I was just so sleep deprived that I just don’t remember it.
That’s probably the case, because she sure looked right at home in it the other day.
I did find proof that she did used to go in the SweetPeace. If that is in fact my baby. I have no recollection of this time in her life. None whatsoever. I wasn’t sleeping at night and working all day and probably crying through the parts in between. It’s a shame if you ask me; that baby looks pretty cute. I wouldn’t mind scooping her out of that thing and cuddling with her for a while.
Oh. Wait. Maybe that’s why she never spent much time in there…