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From the mouths of babes come great resolutions

standard February 4, 2011 2 responses

Upon noticing that M had headed out to the grocery store for the second time that day, C asked me why he had to go back. I explained that he’d rushed out to get us some dinner. She thought about this for a minute and then turned to me.

“How come you always have plenty of food for us in the house, but you never have food for you guys?”

The truth really is that they’re easier to shop and stock up for and we like more variety than they do. The other truth is that I’m programmed to make sure there’s always food for them, and I’m really bad at doing the same for us.

I summed it up for C by telling her that we were just better at taking care of them than taking care of us.

Her eyes grew wide and concerned.

“But mommy! That is bad! You have to take good care of yourself, it’s important!”

I looked down at her sweet, earnest, innocent, concerned face and promised to try harder.

The next day I booked two outstanding doctor’s appointments and I re-joined Weight Watchers.

She’s right. I take great care of my kids. I make sure they eat balanced meals. I don’t let them eat too much sugar. I insist that they get enough sleep. I push them to spend time outside and move their bodies as much as they can. I even limit their screen time to foster their imagination.

I do none of that for myself.

I’m the one who preaches to everyone that you have to take care of yourself so you’ll have the ability to care for others. Clearly I have failed to take my own advice to heart.

I’m trying to change that.

I’ve been on Weight Watchers again for 4 days and it’s going well. I saw both doctors and stated taking prophylactic medicine for my migraines. (It’s not working yet, but at least I’m addressing the issue.) I’m going to bed earlier. (The meds make me sleepy, so really that’s not so much part of the resolution as a lucky side effect.) And last, but not least, I’m resolving to finally make appointments to see the dentist and an ophthalmologist.

It’s a start. I’m still on the computer too much and not moving enough. But it’s a start nonetheless.

Filled with song. Loud song.

standard May 5, 2010 1 response

Meet Me HalfwayMy girls are singers. They don’t usually sing on key, or even near the key. They don’t always know the right words, or even all the words. But whatever they lack in talent or knowledge is made up in volume and enthusiasm.

Lots and lots of enthusiasm.

Their favorite place to sing is in the car. Maybe they like the acoustics, maybe they’re protesting my radio choice, either way, that’s where they sing. Some days I sing along. Some days I let them serenade me. And some days I turn up the radio to cover their voices, because really, how many times can a person listen to BINGO was his name-O before going slightly nuts.

For all my griping and begging them to stop yelling already, I do love hearing them sing. I love hearing Little L stop a bar into a song and say “How’s it goes again?” or listening to C belt out the words to Take Me Out to the Ballgame, interjecting “The Giants” for “the home team” at the right spot. I’m always fascinated to hear what songs they’re going to be singing. They learn them at school and at daycare, on TV shows and movies they watch, and apparently sometimes on the radio.

Most of the songs are exactly what you’d expect – the alphabet song, row-row-row your boat, Old McDonald. Some of them have interesting endings, like the never heard by us ending of row-row-row your boat which had to do with crocodiles and not dreamy lives and made us laugh hysterically when Little L sang it for the first time.

And then some of them are not at all what you’d expect. Like this song. My girls both know every word to the refrain of the Black Eyed Peas song Meet me Halfway. So, so proud.

And yes. They sing it LOUD. In the car. Over the radio. You so wish you were me.

Hedging her bets

standard April 16, 2010 1 response

It started with an innocent request to go to McDonald’s for dinner. I said no, because we’d been there the day before, causing C to melt down completely.

I let her wail for a moment. Some evenings she needs to cry for a moment to let all the stressors and angst of the day out of her system. But when she started kicking my seat I decided it was time to put a stop to the drama.

“Babe? You’ve just lost your desert privileges.” I kept my voice completely calm, letting the words sink in. “You can get them back if you change your attitude and become pleasant again. It’s up to you, you can keep screaming and stay grumpy without desert, or you can stop, cheer up, and have desert again.”

The kicking stopped, but a quick glance in the rear view mirror showed a still thunderous looking little four-year-old.

“So? What do you chose? Let me know when you’re ready.”

She mumbled something that I missed. I turned down the radio and asked her to repeat herself.

Her question rang through the quiet car loud and clear, laced with skepticism, making me snort back a laugh.

“What’s for desert?”

She’s definitely her daddy’s daughter – always knows the important questions to ask.

From the mouths of babes: Bummer that’s not the name we gave you

standard March 30, 2010 4 responses

Of all the parenting decisions I have had to make over the last five years and a half, nothing has stressed me out more than choosing names for my girls.

We can figure out a new school if something goes wrong. We could always buy different bottles, grow out a bad hair cut, abort a bad vacation choice, change a parenting tactic.

But a name? That’s for life. And everything rides on it.

I agonized over the choice. Worried that we’d give her a too-girly name that would make an entrance into a boardroom awkward. Stressed that we’d give her a name that would get her teased in school.

And then we found the perfect name. Classy, not too popular, cute, but serious. Perfect.

Which is why when she declared tonight that she’d rather be known as Layla Michelle Fawn from now on, I had to say, yeah, no, sorry.

Because really? I I get Layla and Michelle, but Fawn? That’s a new one for me, and I bet it would get her seriously teased both in school and in the boardroom.