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Earth shoes for the winter (and a giveaway!)

standard September 21, 2012 166 responses

So, a while back, as spring was starting to break, I wrote a blog post raving about how Earth Shoes was going to make my summer, but how I couldn’t really demonstrate how gorgeous they would look with my summer wardrobe because all of my summer clothes were still in boxes.

I have good news. My summer clothes are no longer in boxes. Neither are my winter clothes. Though, to be fair, I live in California where it neither gets really hot nor really cold, so all my clothes are the same no matter the season.

I also have bad news. Today, on the day when I’m to write a blog post raving about how Earth Shoes are going to make my Winter, my lead photographer, C, fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm.

It is rather hard to take photos with just one arm.

She’s feeling fine, but we did have to enlist the little sister’s help with the photos and, even though the photo shoot proved highly entertaining, I didn’t have it in me to attempt more than one outfit.

So, in short, I love the adorable shoes that Earth sent me to see me through the winter. I’ve always had a soft spot for loafers and I love how these are so grown-up all while being a fun reddish shade of brown aptly called “Merlot.”

In my past lives I’ve always looked to loafers to carry me through the winter. In recent years I’ve somehow fallen prey to other, less classic, styles of shoes and I’m thrilled to be getting back to my roots.

Look how great I look in these? (Please to remember that the photographer is 5 and that her broken 7yo sister was laughing and distracting her. Plus, I think I look cute fuzzy and/or without a head. No?)

Alright, alright, I’m kidding. Here’s my winter uniform: my new jeans (not Mom Jeans thank you!), a cute t-shirt, and my new Earth shoes. Guarantee that if you see me about town, and I’ve had a chance to shower already, that’s what I’ll be wearing!

Cute, right?

Earth Shoes giveaway!
Would you like a pair of Earth shoes to carry you through winter too? (So sorry, the photographer isn’t part of the deal.) If so, and if you live in the continental US (sorry everyone else!) leave me a comment letting me know what size shoe you wear, which Earth shoes rock your world, and what outfit they’d match perfectly. I can’t guarantee that these are the shoes you’ll receive, but I can promise that whatever shoes you receive will be super comfortable! You can’t go wrong with Earth shoes!

For an extra entry per day Tweet this giveaway and come back to comment that you’ve done so.

Giveaway starts today 9/20 and ends October 4th at 10pm. Winner will be announced October 5th. 

Congratulations to Amy Pugmire Commentor #77 for winning! Here’s hoping her Earth Shoes make her winter extra awesome!

Please note: this post was sponsored by Earth Shoes. I was given a lovely pair of shoes to tell you about. All thoughts, stories, opinions, etc are mine and mine alone.

Spring Into Shoes with Earth Shoes

standard March 21, 2012 Leave a response

It finally happened. This afternoon, as we huddled in our jackets at the park, the clouds parted and a ray of sun shone down.

I know. I know. Wah wah, it’s been cold in California. You want me to cry you a river and all. But seriously, since the week before our move it has been dreary, cold, and wet. The rest of the country was pulling out shorts and sunscreen while we’ve been unpacking our winter coats.

But today the sun peeked out and I was finally able to think of summer again.

Which is good, because today was supposed to be sharing my summer wardrobe with you!

Right, so there were a few issues there.

1. This house has no working mirror. This made it a tad hard to show you my summer wardrobe. (Don’t even ask what it’s doing to my make-up situation. OY)
2. My summer clothes are still in a box. As I mentioned, until today the only things I needed to unpack were sweaters and jeans.

Do I strike you as the kind of person who would let that deter me?


And anyway, let’s be honest, my wardrobe is pretty much the same in every season, box or no box.

First I find a great pair of shoes. And by great, I mean, comfortable first and classy second. Then I find a great pair of jeans. And last I pair that with whatever clean shirt I can find a gorgeous shirt that sets off my eyes.

This summer, the shoes are being taken care of by Earth Shoes. They sent me a pair I would have gladly picked up for myself. Their new line is comfortable, stylish, and affordable (all under $100!)

Cute, no? Totally me.

I can see myself wearing these shoes all summer long. They’ll match pretty much anything in my closet (and boxes… ahem) and they’ll look lovely with a dress or two that I have my eye on.

Oh, ModCloth, why did I have to discover you?

In the meantime, while we wait for the sun to make a complete comeback, I’ll stick with my usual.

Jeans, cute t-shirt, and great shoes.

I’ve always heard about the fancy Kalsø Earth® Shoes with its “negative” heel technology, but really, I can use any height I can get, so I never invested in a pair. This new line offers all the old promised comfort along with a cushioned footbed, padded heel, and a reinforced arch support. In short, my feet are going to be happy this summer. Happy and cute.

You too could have happy feet! Or at the very least you could win a trip to a Special Place on Earth, Free Shoes, and cash by entering the Earth Shoes Spa Sweepstakes here:  http://www.earthfootwear.com/t-innercircle.aspx.

Want to stay in touch with Earth Shoes and see what else they have up their sleeves? Check out their Facebook page and say hi! 

Please note, this post is about my wardrobe and my fashion habits. The thoughts and opinions contained within are mine and mine alone, but I was compensated by Global Influence as part of a Bookieboo LLC campaign with Earth Footwear