The holidays in pictures – Part 1

standard December 23, 2008 3 responses

Yesterday was all about vegging, recovering from the accident and the trip, and tree trimming. Today was about well, vegging and relaxing, and learning to follow in mommy’s footsteps.

Even the youngest tree trimmers have a job.
Biggest and littlest cousins working hard side by side.
Taking a picture of five kids is like herding cats.
A girl and a computer… it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.
Or something.

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Weekly Winners – Two girls in a pumpkin patch

standard October 12, 2008 19 responses

The day dawned bright and clear, perfect pumpkin picking weather. Not that we wouldn’t have gone if it had been cloudy and cold, but whatever, it made it that much nicer. Watching Little L run around it was hard to remember that just last year she was a teeny tiny babe in arms. As for C she spent the whole time picking up each and every pumpkin, declaring it to be “cute,” and placing it in our little red wagon. We had a lot of pumpkins to put back before we left.

And mama? Well, mama took over 150 pictures, though sadly many didn’t come out. Lucky for you a few winners did make the cut. And so, I present to you, this week’s Weekly Winners! (Don’t forget to click through to see everyone else’s favorite shots of the week!)

So many pumpkins!
How ever will we chose which ones to bring home?
Oh, sure, push it now. It’s easy when it’s empty!
Let’s get this one!
Why does she look so pained?
Wasn’t this supposed to be fun?
She took the job of choosing the right pumpkins very seriously.
This one eventually was released back into the wild patch.
Yet another pumpkin we didn’t get.
Work. Work. Work. Busy. Busy. Busy.
Can’t let some poor pumpkin get left behind.
Oh. Right. The prerequisite pumpkin patch shot.
Boooring. Want to go back to eating dirt.
Maybe I can find a way to sit on that lap.
I’m sure daddy wouldn’t mind…
You pick ’em, you pull ’em,
that and the pesky little sister.
What do you mean pumpkins aren’t for resting?
Check it out! Kid’s got my chin!
Awwww. S’a happy fambly.
One mama + two girls = a heck of a lotta love

Pssst! Like that sling I’m wearing in those pictures up there? Want to win one? You still have time!