The perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t have to include chocolate

standard May 11, 2009 7 responses

The perfect Mother’s Day isn’t about pedicures and spa treatments. It’s not about chocolate or candy. It’s not even about time alone or fabulous presents.

The perfect Mother’s Day is a day that reminds you why you love being a mother. It’s filled with cuddles, love, and hugs. It’s decorated with pictures painstakingly drawn by little hands. And it moves to the soundtrack of toddler giggles and preschooler songs.

I had the best Mother’s Day ever. It started out with a long family snuggle in our not quite big enough bed. It continued with a lavish Country Club brunch and an afternoon at the in law’s pool. And it ended with a low key, impromptu barbecue by the pool. Nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a wonderful day with my wonderful family. A day that made me happy to be a mom.

Mommies who complain about not getting sick days get punished

standard March 6, 2009 5 responses

I went to bed last night and was woken up shortly after by a coughing, coughing, coughing child. I went to tend to her, gave her some asthma medicine and went back to bed. Her sister immediately woke up and started crying. She was running a fever, a pretty high fever actually. Then she started coughing too.

I’d love to tell you that the night got better after that, but it would be a total and utter lie. In fact, the rest of the night included vomit, changed sheets, more vomit, more changed sheets, more asthma medication, lots more asthma medication, standing in front of a steaming shower, and finally, two very, very brief hours of sleep.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that karma is reading my blog and decided to punish me for whining about not getting a sick day. Because clearly not getting a sick day is nothing compared to not getting a sick day because you have to care for two very cranky, feverish, needy children on barely two hours of sleep.

Luckily, about an hour after my head exploded from all the whining and fussing M came home and rescued the children from me.

The holidays in pictures – Part 3

standard December 25, 2008 1 response

For us Christmas is about family, food, wine, fun, presents, love, and all the usual stuff. But it’s also about little kids believing, or wanting to believe for yet another year.

We tracked Santa’s journey on
Everyone has their own level of awe, worry, and wonder.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and may the rest of you have a peaceful, happy day.

The holidays in pictures – Part 2

standard December 24, 2008 1 response

Hey! Did you know that when kids catch laryngitis they actually get croup? Ask me how I found out! Or rather don’t because I don’t have a voice and I didn’t get much sleep last night.

Despite my frantic whispering, C’s seal bark, and Little L’s cold/asthma flare up we’re still having a lovely time hanging out with the cousins.

I mean, is there anything more fun than
decorating Spritz cookies with your aunt and cousin?

How about bundling up to go brave the New Jersey cold?
Oh, wait. California girls don’t much like the cold.
Especially when they learn that the Zoo is closed.