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Summer is for relaxing, right?

standard July 24, 2013 Leave a response

When I worked in an office and had to be at a desk every day, summers were exactly like every other day of the year. The kids had to get up with me, had to get dressed and ready, had to get out the door, had to be on time to their activities. It was a necessity, but it meant that summer never felt like, well, summer.

This is the second year in a row where summers are really feeling like summers. The kids get up when they want, have breakfast when they feel like it, get dressed eventually, have no real scheduled activities, and follow no set schedule of any sort.

For instance, right now they’re outside riding their bikes in the street.

I love that they finally get to experience true summer downtime. I have awesome memories of hot days spent riding my bike up and down the street, swimming, hanging out, and yes, sometimes being bored. I’m glad my kids are making their own memories.

But I’m loving it so much that it’s making it hard for me to stay productive.

For the first half of the summer I was doing a great job of creating a daily to do list and cranking through it before we headed out every afternoon to go swim. Then we headed to Chicago for a week of quality family time with my sister and her kids and, after a rather hectic two days of cramming work in while trying to enjoy all my nieces and nephew, I shut down my laptop, ignored my emails, and just relaxed.

You try organizing 6 kids for a photo when all they want to do is go swim.

We’ve been home for a week and I just can’t motivate myself to get back into the swing of work.

My office is a mess, my to do list is pretty light, and I have zero motivation to tackle the things on my “I’ll get to it when I have time” list.

I’m in full on summer vacation mode.

Now, trust me, I’ll be the first one to tell you that it’s good to take some time off, it’s good to relax and read a book for an afternoon, it’s good to step out of the rat race. But, every day that I stay stepped out makes it harder to step back in.

I know this. I know I should be at least thinking of stepping back in.

And yet, the books call, the couch and the lounge chairs beckon, and I really want to listen.

It stands to reason that organizing and cleaning up my office would be a great first step. Maybe even creating a bubble chart of my Summer/Fall goals. After all, I do have a book coming out soon that I need to start promoting.

But it can all wait, right? At least until after swim lessons and this evening’s picnic with friends? Maybe until after tomorrow’s morning at the park?

It’s just that summer doesn’t really last all that long and fall will be here all too soon. It makes it hard to feel guilty about putting it off a bit longer. 

4 more weeks of summer. We’re going to embrace each and every one.

An Afternoon in Photos

standard April 2, 2012 4 responses

Almost 10 years ago, M and I tied the knot at a winery overlooking the entire Bay Area. Amazingly enough, we’ve only been back there once, around 6 years ago. C wasn’t yet walking and Little L hadn’t been born yet.

Pretty. Yes?

While packing up the house last month, I discovered that two of the bottles of wine that we’d kept after the ceremony had defective corks. So today, in a fit of who knows what, we headed up to the winery.

At best we thought we’d get the bottles exchanged. At worst we’d have a day sharing one of our most memorable days with the girls.

The wine tasting room was packed, so we never even tried to get the bottles exchanged. We did, however, show the girls where we’d gotten married, where we celebrated, where we danced, and where we had our first alone moment as husband and wife.

On the grassy knoll where we tied the knot.

It was all rather sweet and somewhat emotional. I’m glad I had my camera with me. We did a bit of a family photo shoot on the same deck where M and I had our engagement photos taken 10 years ago.


The spot where M got to see me in my wedding dress moments before the ceremony started.

M and his girls.
Me and my girls.
How has she gotten so big?
How has this one gotten so grown up?
These two look a lot wiser than they did 10 years ago…
Good thing they have little people to keep them silly.
And love to keep them strong.

The last ten years haven’t been at all what we expected. We’ve faced more challenges than we thought we’d see this early in our lives. But, frankly, we’ve also received more blessings than we had any right to hope for. Like these two girls… who make every surprising day bright and worthwhile.

My wise, beautiful first born.
My silly, sassy youngest.

C was able to take the photos of M and I and Little L took the one of me and C, sadly, we didn’t get any shots of the four of us. We’ll just have to go back.

A big pizza pie… that’s amore

standard July 30, 2009 4 responses

I’m not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden dinner with the girls is less about damage control and more about actual chatting and eating. Until now we had usually restricted evening dining as a family to the occasional dinner out or the even more occasional dinner in with friends.

It bothered me that we weren’t eating with them every day. I mean, every study hints that if you don’t have dinner as a family your kids become serial killers or something equally dire. The girls have breakfast with M every morning, but the dinner thing irked me.

Now that they’ve matured a bit beyond the wild animal stage we’re actually entertaining the thought of having family dinner night a couple nights a week. We started tonight and I roped in the girls to help me make it.

To the strains of a very hoarsely sung (my voice isn’t quite back yet) When the Moon Hits the Sky, Like a Big Pizza Pie… That’s Amore… we made a pizza. Which we decorated with all the basil I was able to salvage from the girl’s basil eating contest. Which is only ironic because I had to pick the cooked basil off their pizza. But whatever…

Mmm. Sauce.
That mommy had to skim off because there was so much of it.
Mmmm cheese.
Lots and lots of cheese.
There was no need to skim.
Look at that pride!
I could eat that for dinner.
Two little girls and their pizza pie.
And then we skip to the post dinner book reading.
Because when the pizza came out of the oven we devoured it.

Happy Love Thursday my friends. May your day be filled with warm pizza and sweet babies in pajamas.