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Twinkle in my eye

standard November 14, 2011 1 response

Little L is 4. Very, very 4. Which is to say that she has a hard time conceiving of a world in which she doesn’t exist. This leads to some interesting questions at times such as:

 “Mommy, where was I when you were a little girl?”

For the first time ever my standard “in my heart” answer just didn’t cut it. Neither did, “waiting in Heaven to be born” or “honey, you just didn’t exist yet.”

She dug in her heels and asked again.

“But where was I?”

So, I gave one of those flippant mommy-hasn’t-had-her-coffee-and-isn’t-thinking-things-through-well-yet answer.

“Oh, baby, you were just a twinkle in my eye.”

Safe enough you might think, right?

Yeah, well, two seconds later the girls were busy staring into each other’s eyes, counting the twinkles.

“You’re going to have four babies! I can see them!” C squealed to Little L, and from that moment on the myth was born.

Part of me loves this game. It’s so sweet and innocent. But part of me wonders if she’ll grow up with this hard and fast belief that she’s meant to have four kids, which might in turn lead to some eventual disappointment. Though, it’s possible, of course, that I’m a tad sensitive and overreacting in light of my own missing baby issues these days.

Who can tell?

Photo respectfully borrowed from Lisa Leonard.

What have you done that you’re proud of this year?

standard March 16, 2009 1 response

I went to a wonderful birthday party today where the hostess served up a very thought provoking ice breaker. Last week she sent out an email asking all the guests to tell her one thing they had done this year that they were proud of. The stumper? It had to be something that had nothing to with either family or work.


She asked a large group of women to name one thing they were proud of that had nothing to do with family or work.

Do you know how hard that is? Do you know how sad it is that it’s so hard? We women are notoriously too wrapped up in our families and our jobs. We all too rarely take time to focus on being ourselves.

Point in case: I wussed out and said that I was proud to find the courage to quit my 9-5 job to start a freelance writing career. Which, clearly, is work related, but it’s definitely the thing I’m most proud of. In retrospect I could have said something about, oh I don’t know, running, or mastering the laundry, or something. But whatever.

At the party we were tasked with going around, list of all the proud accomplishments of the guests in hand, and introduce ourselves. Our goal was to try to meet lots of new people while matching guests to statements. As I walked around and chatted with different guests I was blown away and really inspired by all the things people were proud of doing in the past year. One party goer learned to swim. Another finished her novel and found an agent. A third resurfaced her kitchen, all by herself. Yet another rediscovered a love for reading great literature.

I spent over two hours talking to a ton of different women about anything and everything except for kids, husbands, or work. It’s amazing how animated a conversation can get when you open with “So, what are you proud of this year?” It’s amazing how inspiring it is to hear everyone’s answers.

So, what are you proud of this year?

From the mouths of babes: Inside a 3-year-old’s mind

standard February 5, 2009 3 responses

“Where’s Daddy?”

“He’s coming home later, he has to go see a client.”
“Oh no! Is he scared?”
“No. Why would he be scared?”
“Because a client is… a client is… a client is a big scary animal with stripes!”
“Uh, no. A client is not a big scary animal with stripes. A client is… uh… ah…”
“Mommy, what’s a client?”
“A client is someone daddy goes to help after they get hurt.”
“Does daddy help them get better?”
“Not exactly, daddy helps them get money so they can pay the doctor who helps them get better after they get hurt or broken.”
“Why does a doctor need a pig?”
“No, not pig, pay. They give money to the doctors.”
“Why do they give money to the doctors?”
“Doctors like to help people, but we have to give them money, it’s their job.”
“Why do the people need doctors to fix them?”
“Well, remember when I told you that our bodies fix themselves when we have booboos? Well, sometimes people get hurt too badly for their bodies to fix themselves and they need a doctor to help.”
“Little L went to the doctor. Was she broken?”
“No, she was just sick. We needed medicine to make her feel better.”
“I have a booboo…”
“You don’t have a very big booboo. Your booboo will get better all by itself.”
“But it’s soooo big! It’s a big brown spot all over my knee!”
“Yes, it’s big, but I promise your body can fix it all by itself.”
“How mommy? How does my body fix itself?”

And I’ll admit, that’s when I gave up. I mean, how do you explain to a 3-year-old how the human body can sometimes heal itself, and sometimes it can’t? Heck, how do you explain cell regeneration? Or Anything else that goes into a body recovering from a bruise or a scratch? So, I, ah, went for an explanation she could grasp.

“There are teeny tiny little people inside your body that fix your booboos. They’re so small you can’t see them. No one can.”
“Are they fairies?”
“Uh, yeah! Yeah, that’s right, fairies.”
“With wings?”
“Maybe, I don’t know. They’re too small, no one has ever seen them.”
“Do they talk?”
“I’m sure they do, but no one can hear them.”
“I bet they talk. I think they say ‘Oh! You have a booboo, let’s go fix it!’.”
“You know what? I bet you’re right. I’m sure that’s exactly what they say.”

So let’s recap: M is a lawyer who sees scary animals with stripes clients so he can help them get money so they can pig pay doctors who fix them when they’re too broken for the teeny tiny fairies with wings to fix them on their own. Got it? Yeah, me neither. I’m just glad we got home right then. I have no idea where the conversation would have gone next. Probably back to M helping people, or maybe to who helps the fairies when they get hurt. Who knows. And M wonders why I’m always exhausted when we get home.

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