Come Tweet About Essential Luxuries with Acura

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This morning I went for a walk. A lovely walk in the warm California winter sun. A lovely walk all by myself, just me, my podcast, and the hills.

These days between buying a home and selling the other, between caring for the husband and packing up the house, between driving the kids to one school and the other, and between work calls and meetings, taking a walk feels like a luxury.

But like my morning coffee, my post-lunch bite of chocolate, and my never-ending book habit, walking is an essential luxury. I need those things to get through the week with my smile firmly in place.

I’m not the only one who thinks essential luxuries matter. The newly redesigned Acura RDX was designed with essential luxuries in mind. It has everything you want without going overboard. A spacious cabin provides uncompromised comfort, and the most intelligent features were chosen to reward you with a robust, yet efficient, performance. The necessities have never been so smartly appointed. And even better, the RDX crossover SUV is expected to get best-in-class fuel economy. (You know, so you have left over cash for that massage you so badly need.)

So, what are your essential luxuries? And how would you like to use them to win a luxurious weekend away?

Create a video to tell Acura about all of your essential luxuries. Then enter for a chance to win the RDX Essential Luxury Challenge, where you could win a luxury weekend in Arizona to experience the Acura RDX before it goes on sale! Winners will also receive a MacBook Pro.* For more details and to submit your video, head to the RDX Challenge tab on the Acura Facebook Page.

Acura RDX Facebook Contest

Join us Wednesday, February 1st from 9-10 pm ET (6-7 pm PT) for a fun Twitter party, where we’ll discuss the contest, the new car, and of course, life’s essential luxuries.
It’s easy to join the party. Simply follow the hashtag #RDXContest.
Please also follow:
@Splash_Creative and @Acura_Insider
We’ll also be giving away prizes that will help you experience luxury in your everyday life!
Prizes include:
  • $25 Barnes & Noble gift card
  • $25 Starbucks gift card
  • $50 SpaFinder gift card
  • $50 gift card
  • Grand Prize: Nook Simple Touch (valued at $99)

How to Enter:
RSVP below for a chance to win! Enter your name and Twitter handle. To be eligible to win you must RSVP and participate in the party using #RDXContest. All winners will be chosen by random drawing and must have a mailing address within the United States. Official rules can be found on the Splash Creative Media site.

*MacBook Pro is a trademark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

Gangsta car in da house driveway

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On Monday (Seriously? Have we only been home one week? This has been the longest week in the history of weeks.) I called a sitter and M ditched work early so we could go car shopping. We are not car people. Well, we both covet fast shiny sports cars, but when it comes to functional family cars we draw blanks. So, basically, we had absolutely zero idea about what car we wanted. We needed something with four doors, big enough to hold two car seats and a stroller in the trunk, that preferably wouldn’t guzzle $60 of gas a week. (Oh, dear Jeep Cherokee, how we don’t miss your gas guzzling ways.)

You’d think that having just vague needs would make our job easy. You’d be wrong. See, what we ended up doing was going from lot to lot checking out family friendly cars and wishing we were buying Corvettes, Nissan Zs, or Audi TTs. And you’d be surprised how unlike sexy sport cars family friendly sedans tend to be. No, really!

After a painful couple of hours we decided that our best bet was the Honda Civic sedan. Small, fuel efficient, just barely big enough for us, and definitely in our price range. Not sexy, not fast, but good enough. We took it for a test drive and we were pretty much sold. Then, walking around the lot looking for a stick shift model, we happened across the Honda Civic’s sexy sporty version, the Civic Si. I think I heard M’s heart thump in response to my mild “want to take it for a spin?”

The instant M slipped himself into the bucket seat and put his hands on the wheel I knew there was no longer any other car for him. He squealed like a kid in a candy store and almost giggled as he careened around corners and accelerated on the highway. He spent the next three days hunting down the best possible deal on the Internet.

Only issue? The rest of the world also wanted the best deal on that car too. Every time one would pop up on a listing, by the time we called the dealer the car would be sold. All except for one car that was only listed on Craigslist for a couple of hours. We kept trying to convince ourselves that there was something wrong with it, but we also kept coming back to it. Mainly because it was the only one still available. Oh, and because it had the right mileage, color, and price. Details.

As of yesterday that car is now ours. In all it’s black tinted windows glory. That’s right. Our family car is a sedan, a sporty, sexy, gangster sedan. And I bet the gangster who tinted the windows black would not be amused to see two cow print car seats in the back seat of his sports car, but it works for us and that’s all that matters.

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