Administrative postity post (aka dealing with the IE issue)

standard December 11, 2009 1 response

Just a few quick things then we’ll go back to our usual literary brilliance. Heh.

1) If you usually read this blog in Internet Explorer, I’m sorry. I had heard rumors that there were issues opening posts, but I hadn’t been able to replicate the problem on this end. I have now replicated the problem and I am baffled. I emailed Karen of the awesome blog design to see if she might have some insight as to how I might have broken the blog. Let’s all hope she can fix it. (Or say, one of you super smart, super savvy people can help. Anyone? Ben? Anyone?)*
In the meantime can I entreat you to try Firefox maybe? Or Chrome? I love the former and I’ve heard great things about the latter. I promise to post an update when we’re back on track.

2) If you happen to be on Facebook and you’re in any way interested in the novel I have been writing, I’d love it if you would join the Facebook Fan Page I created last week. As you know, I’m on a quest to publish my first novel. One day it will be my author fan page. In the meantime it’s all about my journey to get there!

Writing a book is like raising a child. I’m going to need my village to help me to get it off the ground.

Also, I might post tiny snippets from the novel here and there. Fun!

3) I have been nominated for a couple blog awards. I would be honored and touched if you might vote for me. I’m putting the buttons right here for your voting convenience! (Thank you. Really. It means a lot to me. And I’m not saying that because you’re pretty.)

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!
My site was nominated for Best Blog Design!
My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!
My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

*Edited to add: Well, dagnabit. It’s not a problem with just my blog. It’s a well known issue with Internet Explorer. I’m going to have to play a bit with the sidebar items to see if I can fix it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The blog does open correctly in all other browsers…

The August Best of Mommy Bloggers Carnival

standard August 11, 2009 12 responses

I am honored to be hosting this month’s Best of the Mommy Bloggers Carnival!

Unsure about how to proceed I begged all my Twitter followers, my Facebook friends, my Silicon Valley Moms Blog friends, and a few (ahem) others on a few (ahem) other social networking sites to submit their favorite posts for the month.

I thought one or two or maybe three would reply. I was wrong. A lot more replied. But all the posts were either funny, moving, or downright awesome. Also, I am very bad at picking favorites. So here they all are. I hope you enjoy discovering some new bloggers or at the very least have fun reading some great posts.

Without further ado…

The Best of Mommy Bloggers Carnival – August 09 edition!

In a touching post, Amy from Moving on From the Drama says goodbye to a her best friend, her cat Tiger.

Stimey of Stimeyland reminds us how important those seemingly unimportant candid pictures turn out to be in this moving post about her father.

Miss Lori at Musings From My Minivan writes an important, and extremely well written, post about how brown dolls aren’t enough. More is needed to foster a strong self image in “beautiful brown children” like hers.

Denene Millner at The Frogs Legs wrote another amazing post on this same subject. If you only read two posts from this whole list today, read these two.

I’m ranting about people who are determined to make money blogging without having a single clue about what that entails. (I am too allowed to pimp my own posts! Shh now!)

Julie at Just Precious shares what makes her marriage not perfect, but just right especially after 11 years.

Susanna at A Modern Mother (home of the carnival!) takes us down the river of her childhood. Literally. In a kayak! And she and her husband only had one tiny fight in it. She’s my hero.

CaseyDeuce at A Couch with a View shares the hardship of watching a parent suffer from an addiction and not being able to intervene.

Christina at Cutest Kid Ever wrote an AMAZING post in response to World Breastfeeding Week from the point of view of a mom who couldn’t breastfeed despite heroic attempts. As a mom who went through something very similar, I’m begging you, please read this.

reminds everyone, healthy moms, sick moms, all moms, that our kids don’t care about our health; they love us no matter what our shortcomings may be.

The awesome Jodifur (who I got to meet at BlogHer!) shares a tender moment with her son in the middle of lots of storms.

Ilina at Dirt and Noise reminds herself and us about the importance of pure unadulterated joy and fun in childhood and life.

Linsey at Me Too You is letting her children slide through the summer without a trace of academics or a hint or remorse. Summer is for fun, not study!

At the same time the teacher in Leticia at Tech Savvy Mama can’t ignore how important it is to keep kids thinking throughout the warm summer months.

Kimberly at Petroville wishes her baby a happy 14th birthday, with just a touch of sarcasm and a ton of love. And at DC Moms Blog she shares the most hilarious story about the one thing guys shouldn’t do while their wives are in labor.

Glennia at The Silent I is sharing her secret “how to pack in under two hours” tips. I’m leaving in 5 days and I’ll be checking back with her when it’s time to pack!

Jennifer at The Smart Mama shares some terrifying facts about the presence of BPA in cans and how we’re being falsely lulled into a sense of security about the whole thing. Excuse me now, I have a few cans I need to get rid of. Ugh.

Kim at Passion and Art is ranting against kid pageants and beauty contests. Kids should be allowed to just be pretty without being put up against each other in “who’s the prettiest” contests darn it!

Jessica at rails against the “fat acceptance movement” and miraculously her readers stayed civil in the comments!

Jennifer at Connect with Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology is celebrating Jeremy’s 16th birthday. No, he’s not her son, he’s the star of the Zits comic strip and he’s been waiting for this day for 12 long years. Happy Birthday Jeremy! Finally!

Joanne at PunditMom is wondering if even as a non-helicopter parent she’s being unfair to her daughter by not giving her enough freedom and responsibility.

At one point or another we all have to answer tough sex questions. Sarah of Sarah and the Goon Squad got to do it in front of her inlaws. Lucky her. Or rather lucky us because the result was pretty darn funny.

Amy at A Selfish Mom left home for a weekend and didn’t miss her kids at all, even better she doesn’t feel guilty about it. She’s my kind of momma!

And last but not least, we’re wrapping up with a handy guide to green toys for boys over at Son Time Now, you know, in case you want to get a jump on the holiday season…

Happy Carnival everyone! Hope you enjoyed it!

Want to submit a post for future Best of Mommy Blogger Carnivals? Click here to see who’s hosting the next one.

Turns out we need a whole new kind of scale

standard June 2, 2009 7 responses

After my rant on numbers yesterday I got emails and comments and tweets from lots of women who empathized with me. Seems we all have the same painful issues with numbers in our lives.

Then Genevieve* came up with the best idea ever. A different scale. A way to measure the good stuff in our days. We spent the morning awarding each other points for being nice, doing good things, thinking positive.

It’s a brilliant idea. Think of all the things you could give yourself positive points for! Instead of berating ourselves for things like the number on the scale or the number in the blog stats we could be earning points for everything else!

So I bring you – The Positive Thinking Scale – yours to adapt as you wish!

  • Crossing something gnarly off the to do list +550 points
  • Crossing something easy off the to do list +125 points
  • Changing a poopy diaper +75 points
  • Smiling at a stranger at the store +515 points
  • Letting someone cut in front of you on the road +56 points
  • Doing something selfish that makes you happy +775 points
  • Doing something nice for your significant other even when you’re tired +235 points
  • Making the right food choice for lunch +150 points
  • Making the right food choice for dinner +325 points
  • Making the tasty food choice for dinner +450 points
  • Taking time to cheer a friend up +1000 points
  • Going out of your way to be a good friend +590 points
  • Going out of your way to help a complete stranger +675 points
  • Keeping the laundry tamed +1500 points
  • Thinking something positive when you look in the mirror +990 points
  • Leaving a blog comment +15 points
  • Leaving a blog comment on a blog that doesn’t get many comments +35 points

Now we’re talking! I scored a high of 6531 points today! Yay me!

It’s your turn! What positive things do you want to be rewarded for? What did you do today that deserves a pat on the back and a bucketful of positive points? I’m going to keep adding to the tally, keep giving myself points throughout the day, just to offset the depression created by the weight scale and the blog scale.

*Genevieve’s blog is brand spanking new, so be nice pretty please and head over and say hi. I’ll give you 345 points if you do! And she wrote one of the chapters for the Harlequin Pass the Plot story. She’s cool. You can be her friend, but don’t tell her I told you so. k? Thanks.

Voting is open in the big Graco Birdhouse Contest! Click here to check out the competition. To vote you have to become a Graco FaceBook Fan, then you have to leave a comment under the photo of your favorite birdhouse. (Hint: Ours is #15). You know, in case you were wondering…

Friday Flashback – Five classes I would have taken

standard April 25, 2009 1 response

Friday Flashback is all about bringing to light some of my favorite posts from my archives to breathe new light into them. This is part of a post that was originally published in April 2008 in response to a meme sent to me by my good friend Mah-meee. If you’d like to see the two paragraph rant about French public education being short on extra curricular classes that preceded this post, by all means click here.

Five classes I wish they had taught in school

1) Self esteem 101: You Rock! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
A quick course aimed at boosting your self esteem and getting you to believe that, yes, it really is his loss. Darn it! This class will focus on getting you to realize just how awesome you really are.

2) The world is your oyster 104: If you want it you can have it.
Just because you didn’t study the migration patterns of bees in middle school doesn’t mean that you can’t be an apiculturist if you so choose. This course will show you how to keep learning long after high school, college, or even grad school! Bonus classes will teach that choosing one career path doesn’t mean you can’t change later on down the road.

3) Self creation 102: Be who you want to be.
Don’t like who you are? Don’t want to be the shy mousy girl in the corner? Take this class and reinvent yourself. We can show you the secret to shucking off your shyness* and fear of rejection. OK. Maybe not that last one, but the shy thing for sure.

4) A little self love never hurt anyone. No, not that kind of self love, the other kind.
This short course will teach you the importance of being kind to yourself and of taking care of your needs before the needs of those around you. Especially important for anyone intending to eventually become a parent.

5) How to make millions doing exactly what you want.
You want to sit on your couch all day eating bonbons and watching Charmed reruns all day? Fine. 18 holes of golf six days a week? No problem. Marathon shopping excursions? Why the heck not? This class teaches the secret to making money without having to do any work. Nope, no work at all. Pinkie swear.
What? Wouldn’t you have taken this class? Come on now, be honest!

* Don’t want to be shy any more? It’s easy: just pretend you aren’t shy. I know, it’s corny, but it works. Next time you go to a party just pretend you are super self confident. Chanel that cool girl in the corner. I guarantee that in no time you’ll feel less shy. Eventually it’ll become second nature. You may always be shy inside, but no one will ever know. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about.