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Things that make me me

standard September 12, 2016 Leave a response

Having written about not ever letting myself be my true self in public, maybe it’s time I start honoring who I really am.

Ok, ready? Truthy truth? Who I really am? Here you go.


I am a hard core geek. I watch Doctor Who and wear the t-shirts (mostly at home, if we’re honest). I mostly only read urban fantasy, stories about werewolves, vampires, faeries, and other paranormal stuff. Though I’m on a bit of a Space Opera kick these days. I love, love, love comic book movies. Most of the people in my “real” life do not understand this, like, at all, so I pretend my obsession isn’t one.

I write. All the time. In notebooks. On this blog. On other blogs. On Facebook. In more notebooks. I’d rather write more than pretty much anything else. Only thing I wish I wrote more of is fiction. One day I’m determined to write another novel and yet…I don’t work on it, like ever.

I’m a sucker for candy. Not chocolate. Gummy candy. Preferably slightly stale. I’m one of those adults that keep candy stores in business. I always feel slightly guilty when I indulge. OK, a lot guilty. And yes, I hide candy from the kids. Shut up.

I watch TV. Like a lot. Dramas. Comedies. Please no reality TV unless it’s Inked or Tree House Masters, or some cooking show. I get pathetically attached to characters. I get tragically drawn into story lines. TV is full of my friends. I stay up too late watching TV most nights.

I hate housework. I usually trick myself into doing it by carrying around my iPad and streaming TV shows while I clean/launder/cook/etc. Despite all that, my house is never as clean or as well organized as it “should” be.

I love my friends. I have a variety of people I love. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. I love them despite, or rather because of all of them. I’d do anything for my friends. I’m pretty sure they know that. And yet, I’m terrified that none of them like me quite as much as I like them.

I’m determined to raise strong, competent adults. I love my kids dearly. They mean more to me than words could ever express. And yet, I’m tough and demanding on them. My kids will not be victims of helicopter or lawnmower parenting. I do often worry if I’m too hard and too demanding and if it’ll make a difference in the end or if I’m wasting precious coddling time.

I try so very hard to not be judgmental. We’re all doing the best we can. I recognize that. And I recognize that we’re all on different paths. But I’m also human. So sometimes the judgement breaks through. Sorry.

I adore my dog. I didn’t think I would. I try not to be ridiculous about it, but, let’s be honest, I have more trouble dropping her off at the kennel when we leave town than I ever did dropping the kids off at daycare.

Good food above all else. No, seriously. I love to eat. Tasty food makes me happy. Tasty food with good people? Nirvana. I mostly consider low-brow food to be the tastiest. Burgers. Pizza. Grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup. Donuts. Oh, donuts, how I love thee…

Nothing panics me more than not having something to read. There are books in every room of my house and my Kindle is always loaded with at least three or four unread books. Words, even more important than good food. Don’t ask me how much I spend on book. That’s between me, Amazon, and the IRS.

I am harder on myself than on anyone else. And I’ll never measure up to my own expectations.

I’m constantly coming up with new projects, plans, business ideas. I believe in all of them. Just like I believe in a lot of people who want my help making their businesses successful. I fully believe that one day, one of these projects or businesses will really make me rich or at least very fulfilled. One of them…though I’m not really sure I’ll have the wherewithal or gumption to ride anything out to the end.

I’ve always believed I was an underachiever. This makes people laugh, and yet, still fully convinced it’s true.

I have no idea what people think of me. I try not to think about it too much because I’m not sure I’d like the answer. I’d much rather pretend everyone thinks I’m made of pure awesome. Humor me.


Your turn, who are you really?

Another 100 Things

standard January 18, 2011 5 responses

Last week I waxed poetic about the 100 things posts that used to be all the rage a couple years ago. I love those posts, they’re such a fun way to get to know a blogger. The About Me page is always interesting, but something happens in the 100 things list…. the blogger’s personality starts to shine through and before the end you really feel like you know the person behind the words.

I had a blast writing my first 100 things, so much so that I’m going to try it again. After all, I wrote that list 2 years ago; while the early stuff hasn’t changed, I’m definitely not the person I was then. (My first 100 things post can be found here!)

So, without further ado…
1. I was born in France
2. Years and years ago (ok fine, 34 years ago)
3. I never, ever thought I’d live in California
4. In fact, I used to make fun of California
5. I have no idea why.
6. I love it here now
7. I can’t fathom ever living somewhere else.
8. Something about seeing the sun almost every day makes me happy.
9. The last two years have felt like ten.
10. In a good way.
11. I’ve been looking for my path.
12. Two years ago I thought I’d found it.
13. Now I’m really sure I have.
14. I do worry that in two years I’ll read that and laugh.
15. I want to be a life coach.
16. Well, I want that to be my career rather than just my friends’ private coach.
17. I have a great plan for making that work.
18. It’s going to take a while,
19. but I’m not letting myself get discouraged.
20. I have two delightful daughters.
21. And one fictitious son – Max – who lives only in my heart.
22. Really, fictitious. Honest. Dream baby, not angel baby.
23. I have somehow created a life for us that is based in a town we don’t live in.
24. Friends, schools, community… all 30 minutes away.
25. We hardly know our actual neighbors.
26. This makes playdates rather challenging.
27. But it does mean we can go to the grocery store in our pajamas without worrying about running into anyone we know.
28. Of course we go to the grocery store in our jammies.
29. Our Safeway is across the street from a University.
30. We’d stick out like sore thumbs if we didn’t wear jammies.
31. That’s just another reason I love living in CA.
32. You can’t go to the grocery store at night in France.
33. I haven’t been home in over four years.
34. I miss it.
35. If I’m honest, I really mostly miss my friends.
36. Though maybe also the yogurt aisle and the chocolate aisle in the grocery stores too.
37. I love chocolate.
38. I love candy even more.
39. Gummy candy. Especially if it’s a little stale.
40. That might explain why I never lost the second baby weight.
41. I lost some, but not enough.
42. I find it hard to muster the energy to want to do something about it.
43. Then I go shopping and I get depressed.
44. I don’t go shopping very often.
45. I do buy too many books.
46. I can’t help it.
47. I love to read.
48. I get terrified at the thought of having nothing to read.
49. I’m also addicted to reading comic strip anthologies.
50. It’s what I read during the week.
51. I think it’s why I’m good at writing dialogue.
52. I save novels for weekends.
53. I usually read one per week.

54. I’ve done the math on what that costs, so I don’t buy all the books.
55. I borrow some when I can.
56. But I’m still addicted to book stores.
57. I love walking around amongst the shelves, imagining my books being there one day.
58. I’ve written one book.
59. I have pages of notes on two others.
60. I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to finish editing the first though.
61. Every time I finish a round of edits I find new things to work on.
62. I can’t let myself start on the new books until this one feels really done.
63. I’d much rather be writing than editing.
64. I worry that when I finally send out my book to agents that they won’t like it and that they won’t hate it, they’ll just think it’s meh.
65. If I never get it fully edited, we’ll never know.
66. I can find a million ways to procrastinate on editing.
67. 100 things about me post anyone?
68. I never thought I’d enjoy spending my mornings at Starbucks as much as I do.
69. I’ve met some really interesting people there.
70. Even if I lived closer to the kids’ schools I’d still go there to work in the mornings.
71. Just too many distractions at home.
72. Like the Tv.
73. And the laundry.
74. And a million home improvement projects that never get done.
75. I could pretend that one day our house will be magazine ready.
76. but really, I don’t ever want it to be.
77. I do want the laundry to get done and stay done.
78. A girl can dream, no?
79. While I’m dreaming, I’ll dream for more time.
80. With more time I’d start knitting again.
81. I’d cook more too.
82. And I’d run.
83. I’m a failed runner.
84. I want to run. I love to run. But I get off the couch less and less.
85. That probably explains #41.
86. To be fair, I always jack up my back when I run.
87. I hate having an untrustworthy back.
88. Throwing out my back makes being a mom challenging.
89. We just got a Tempurpedic bed.
90. I’m having trouble adjusting to it.
91. I’m not good at handling change.
92. If it helps with my back I’ll learn to live with it.
93. Right now I miss my cozy, cushy old bed.
94. It’s not like I’m in it enough anyway.
95. To get everyone to school on time I have to wake up at 6am.
96. I am not an early riser.
97. I live for the weekends when M lets me sleep until 9.
98. Then the girls come cuddle with me.
99. That’s when I know everything is well in my world.
100. It’s not what I expected and it could change at any time, but right now I’ll take it as is.

I bullied challenged some online friends to write their own 100 things. Click on their links below to get to know them too. And if you have your own 100 things — current or not! Post it, please? I really do love them.

A little secret about… my feet.

standard July 17, 2009 9 responses

So yesterday I completely copped out and posted some ramblings and a picture of my new shoes. Considering the migraine that had been pummeling me for hours by the time I made it to my computer, it’s kind of miraculous that I was even able to find the computer let alone type a few coherent words. Good thing I didn’t attempt full sentences.

A few very kind souls commented on my super cute new shoes and my gorgeous toes, which leads me to the following somewhat embarrassing confession.

I don’t have gorgeous toes. I have creepy non toenails. I just know how to hide them.

Let me explain…

See this picture? The one I posted yesterday?
Gorgeous toes, right?


Look closer:
Do you see it yet?

No? Well, I essentially have no toenails.

Really. No joke. Let me show you without nail polish.
I know! Gross, right? Be thankful I spared you the close-up of the little toe. Ugh.

Sorry. I hope you weren’t eating. But now that you’ve gotten this far would you like to know how I go from stubby non-toenails to gorgeous peep toe sandal ready feet?

Easy. I paint on fake nails. Very tricky technique I discovered thanks to some very clumsy nail polish application one day. And that’s how I pretend I have gorgeous toes.

Tah dah!

But that’s just between you and me. OK? I’d hate for everyone to know my dirty little secret. I mean, don’t you wish you didn’t know?

PR Friendly Press Kit

standard January 1, 2006 4 responses


Welcome to the It’s my life…/The Lemonade Stand Press Kit.

I love working with PR. I love helping you promote your products. I just want to be able to do it on my terms if that’s OK with all of you.

Below you will find information about my two blogs that will undoubtedly be of interest to you as well as my rates and conditions for helping you with your promotions.

It goes without saying that none of this is written in stone and that I am always available at jessica.rosenberg@yahoo.com or on Twitter @kikarose to answer questions or discuss alternatives.

I look forward to working with you and to forging long and hopefully mutually beneficial relationships.

Jessica Rosenberg

Product Review Policy

I am a huge fan of well balanced, informative product reviews.
Do you have a product you would like my family and me to test and review? Send it my way!

Please note however:

  1. I review products on my own time. And I don’t have a lot of time. So if something is time sensitive, please let me know and we can figure out something that works for both of us.
  2. My reviews cover both the pros and the cons of every product. If I really hate your product I will let you know before I run the review and give you the choice to not have me run it.
  3. I usually keep (or donate) everything that I review. Want me to review something pricey? Email me and we’ll discuss alternative arrangements.
  4. I no longer do giveaways in conjunction with reviews. I feel that it detracts from the value of the review.
  5. All reviews are posted on The Lemonade Stand.

Website Review Policy

$50 – Website reviews.
I am happy to review your website if you feel that my readers might be part of your target audience.
However, please note that it takes me a significant amount of time to write a well balanced and informative review. As such I charge for website reviews.
It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway…) that any membership fee for your website will also be covered by you.
Post will include a disclaimer. Post is never taken down and link is tweeted to my 5,600+ Twitter followers.

Advertising Rates

Both of my blogs are ad friendly. Ad rates for each are listed below.

It’s My Life…

Google PageRank: 5
2800 Unique Visitors/month
4000 Page Views/month

The Lemonade Stand

Google PageRank: 3
1600 Unique Visitors/month
2000 Page Views/month

Rates for both blogs are as follows:

Buttons and Banners

125×125 buttons
$35/30 days – 125×125 buttons above the fold.
$45/30 days – 125×125 buttons above the fold, mention to my 5600+ Twitter followers when the ad goes up and just before the ad comes down.

$25/30 days – 125×125 buttons below the fold.
$35/30 days – 125×125 buttons below the fold, mention to my 5600+ Twitter followers when the ad goes up and just before the ad comes down.

125×360 vertical banners
$45/30 days – 125×360 vertical banner above the fold.
$55/30 days – 125×360 vertical banner above the fold, mention to my 5600+ Twitter followers when the ad goes up and just before the ad comes down.

$35/30 days – 125×360 vertical banner below the fold.
$45/30 days – 125×360 vertical banner below the fold, mention to my 5600+ Twitter followers when the ad goes up and just before the ad comes down.

468×60 horizontal blog header banner
$60/30 days – 468×60 horizontal blog header banner.
$70/30 days – 468×60 horizontal blog header banner, mention to my 5600+ Twitter followers when the ad goes up and just before the ad comes down.

Blog Posts – Advertorials/Sponsored posts

$50 – To post a pre-written 500 word blog post on either blog. Post must be of interest to my readers and must include a disclaimer. Post is never taken down and link it tweeted to my 5600+ Twitter followers.

$60 – To have me write a sponsored post or interpret your press release and write a blog post on either blog that will be pertinent and interesting to my blog readers. Post will include a disclaimer. Post is never taken down and link it tweeted to my 5600+ Twitter followers.


Are you interested in something I haven’t listed? Please feel free to contact me. I’m sure we can work something out!