I’m designing (and selling) t-shirts, because why not

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At the last blog conference I attended I somewhat randomly attended a session about creating t-shirts to sell on Amazon. I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to attend, maybe it was that I was already in the room, or the bowl of candy on the table, or the pickle shots the night before… it’s unclear. What quickly did become clear is that I couldn’t take notes fast enough*.

I mean, how many times have I found myself saying “Oh, man, someone ought to put that on a shirt!?”

So there I was, pickle hangover and all, feeling like Kara Carrero was handing me the keys to the kingdom as she tried to tell us EVERYTHING there was to know about selling t-shirts on Amazon.

I took frantic notes. Applied to the program right there and then. And then, I will admit, promptly forgot about the whole thing, because pickle shot hangovers, travel, and, well, life.

So a couple weeks ago, when Amazon sent me an email to let me know I was approved, I was all, oh YEAH! shirts!

And then I fell head first into the most. fun. way. to. procrastinate. ever.

I mean, ever.

First you make yourself crack up as you think of funny shirt ideas. Then you have to see if someone has already used your brilliant idea or if there’s a market for it. Then you have to find the right graphics and fonts. Then you spend hours trying to navigate graphic design software that you have zero clue how to operate. Then you have to read ALL the things you can find on the subject so you can be sure you are using the right descriptions and whatnot.

I have a million t-shirt ideas on a million little scraps of paper and I’m pretty sure I’ve officially lost my mind. But man am I having fun.

As I upload the shirts, I’m going to be sharing them on a Pinterest board created just for the occasion. Or you can see them in the sidebar of the blog, right, over there –>.

Couple other things you should know:

  • I can create any shirt you want me to create (as long as it doesn’t violate copyright laws or go against Amazon’s terms of service)
  • I can create shirts for your sports club, mom’s group, special event, whatever and set the price point as low as possible to make it as cheap as possible for you guys.
  • I’m always open to shirt suggestions. Please ping me and share!

Check out some of the shirts I’ve already created. Let me know what you think. I love a good piece of feedback! Or get them for yourself or for a friend. That would totally make my day.

Totality Shirt - Total Eclipse of the Sun - August 21 2017

Totality Shirt – Total Eclipse of the Sun – August 21 2017

Birthday Queen T-shirt

Birthday Queen T-shirt

How ewe doin? t-shirt

How ewe doin?

Terrible storms bring beautiful rainbows t-shirt

Terrible storms bring beautiful rainbows.

oh whale t-shirt

Oh, whale…

Donut worry, bee happy t-shirt

Don’t worry, bee happy!

whale, that was fun t-shirt

Whale, that was fun!

Don't yuck my yum t-shirt

Don’t yuck my yum.

Adding to the list every day. I’ll keep you all posted. Next shirt is going to be utterly delightfully word geeky. I can’t wait.

*I also attended a session on podcasts. Stay tuned to hear what’s coming of that!!

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