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Celebrating the most deserving dad of all

standard June 16, 2015 1 response

Please note: this is a sponsored post. But it contains all of my usual wit and wisdom, so, please, read on.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I was going to be ok with all the Father’s Day stuff that was starting to hit the airwaves and every other available advertising surface. I blinked at her, totally not getting what she was asking. Then she gently nudged me.

“You know, Father’s Day? Are you worried it’ll be, you know, painful because of your dad?”

And I had to laugh, because my dad loathed Father’s Day. With a passion. We were never allowed to even wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Which is good, in many ways, because for us, Father’s Day has always, and will always, be about M as a dad and it won’t have any negative connotations this year or ever.

And boy does M deserve to be celebrated.

He comes home, exhausted, after a long day of wrangling challenging clients and difficult cases, and he dives right in. He tidies, deals with kid demands, makes dinner, plays endless board games, teaches the kids to play the Ukulele and the piano. He sings to them and talks to them, and sometimes just cuddles. He’s quick to take up the slack when I need him to step in and never, ever complains when I duck out for a much needed Girl’s Night Out to catch my breath.

If ever a dad deserved to be celebrated it’s him. If ever a dad deserved to have a day all to himself, not haunted by specters of other dads, it’s him.

So I asked him what he wanted to do for Father’s Day. His reply?

“Whatever you want.”

And I asked what he wanted as gifts for Father’s Day? His reply?

“New socks.”

No, seriously. That’s what he always wants. New. Socks. The gift that keeps on giving.

Lucky him, I already got him new socks last week. This week we’re going for something a tad more fun.

Now, clearly I can’t tell you exactly what I’m getting him, because he reads this and that would totes ruin the surprise, but I can tell you some other things he’d love…things you can find on eBay if you’re still looking for great ideas for the dads in your own life.

Because eBay. Endless treasure trove of dad approved goodies.

So, without further ado, I bring you 5 things I know M would totally love to receive from eBay. Other than socks. Even though I could get those there too. But I’m not gunna. So there.

Celebrate Dad with eBay



Ukulele on eBay

So, M’s a tad obsessed with Ukes. Which is great. But maybe I shouldn’t let him see just how many are available on eBay. Though I have to say, I’m rather tempted to expand his collection myself. Some of the options are truly unique and exceptional.

Art Supplies

Art supplies on eBay

M dabbles in art. He colors, he paints, he sketches. It works out nicely, because I have a bit of a thing when it comes to purchasing art supplies. As in, I like to buy them. Lots of them. eBay has pretty much everything you could ever want to buy when it comes to art supplies. It makes my little heart go pitter patter.

Recording Studio Stuff

Recording Studio on eBay

Ok, I admit, I know exactly nothing about recording studios, what they require, what’s good, what’s worthwhile, or anything. But M does. He also knows what he already has and what he might need or want. So, basically, this would be the ideal opportunity for an eBay gift card.

Meditation supplies

Meditation bowl on eBay

Apparently you can never have too many candles, guided meditations, or other meditation inspired things. If it helps you create a nice, safe, inspiring space, I say go for it. Which is probably why we have more candles in our bedroom than the average candle store. Not sure where to get started? Check out some of the collections put together by eBay users.

Gift Cards

Ebay Gift Cards

Nothing ever feels more lame than handing someone a gift card and saying “Have a Happy Whatever, Man.” And yet, when you’re dealing with someone like my husband, who finds it almost physically painful to spend money on himself, sometimes a gift card is truly the best gift in the world. It’s like giving him permission to go shop. Which he loves, especially if he feels it’s with “free money.”

At eBay? You can get pretty much any gift card you could possibly imagine. Seriously. Go look. Best part? It’s not too late to score the perfect gift card. You can shop for them all the way until Saturday.


I barely scratched the surface of everything that can be found on eBay. It really is the ideal place to shop if you’re looking for something a little eclectic or something totally run of the mill. More than 70% of what’s sold on the site comes new-in-box and shipping tends to be fast.


eBay Father’s Day Sweepstakes!

Want to win some handy shopping cash this Father’s Day? 

ebay logo

You can enter to win $1,000 for Dad this Father’s Day by tweeting at @eBay and including #eBayCelebratesDads and #Sweeps in the tweet. Share something a dad in your life would love this Father’s Day from their Father’s Day Gift Guide or just tweet why Dad is awesome!


Please note: In case you hadn’t guessed yet, this was a sponsored post written on behalf of eBay. My passion for all things eBay is 100% genuine and all the thoughts contained here are all mine.

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1 response

  • M

    If anybody who reads this and gets me something from the wonderful eBay suggestions by my lovely wife, I will be more than happy to be your dad too!! #whosyourdaddy

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