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I love my camera. I love taking it out to see the world through its lens. I love the feeling of invincibility I feel when it’s in my hands. And I love, love, love when the photos I take come out looking exactly the way I thought they would come out.

Nikon D3200 red body

That last bit sadly isn’t exactly consistent.

So, one of my goals for 2015 was to find ways to work on my photography. To that end I joined a great group of avid photographers called 52 Frames.

52 weeks. Each week presents a new photographic challenge. You get 7 days to respond to the challenge and you can only submit one photo at the end of the week.

I swear, choosing what photo to submit is by far the hardest part.

This week’s challenge was “Lines.” The goal was to find creative ways to incorporate lines into the photographic composition. Bonus points for using multiple leading lines.

How many times had I thought about lines or leading lines before last week? Exactly zero. How many times do I think about it now? Pretty much any time my eyes are open.

Lines, lines, everywhere!

This is the photo I submitted:

Dog on the bench

This is the photo C wanted me to submit:

Boy on Bike

This is the shot that M wanted me to submit:

Empty Lunch Tables


You can see the entire group’s submissions here. It’s amazing to see all the different ways we interpreted the prompt.

The next challenge is “complimentary colors.” Another eye opener that’s bound to make my photos just a bit better.


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