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What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

standard May 7, 2014 Leave a response

Sunday is Mother’s Day. It always shocks me when it takes me by surprise. You’d think that years of working in the greeting card industry would attune you to holidays even long after you’ve left the business, but apparently the heightened awareness of Important Days That Must Be Marked With Stationery doesn’t last as long as one might think.

So here I am, a mere 5 days away from the annual day to celebrate moms and I’ve barely given it a thought. Until this morning I hadn’t even really even asked myself what I might want for Mother’s Day.

Note, I say asked myself, because, to be honest, no one around here has asked me what I want. I’m taking this to mean that they have the biggest and bestest surprise planned. I can’t wait.

But if they did ask, here’s what I’d say.

This year, for Mother’s Day, I really, really, really, want 24 whole hours where I do not have to make a single decision, where everyone anticipates my every need and desire without me having to ask or hint.

I can’t tell you how loved it would make me feel to have them all say “we know you love this, so that’s what we’re doing today!”

Simple enough, right? But for a mom who juggles two to three needs other than hers on a daily basis, constantly having to make decisions while keeping in mind how it’ll impact everyone else’s moods and feelings, it would be a heaven of a holiday.

If that’s just too much to ask, then I’d happily settle for a Nikon 55-200VR lens. The next best thing to not having to make any decisions is getting to snap pictures of my family doing the things they needed me to tell them we were going to do.

Nikon 55-200 VR

Oh… baby…

What’s on your Mother’s Day wishlist? 

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