Evolution of a blog and a blogger

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My blogging journey started years ago, long before blogging was a “thing,” long before we had kids, long before I even had the inkling of a thought that I might want to one day be a writer for a living.

My first blog was a sad little thing that existed on a platform that no longer exists today. It was about my knitting and, since I wasn’t a very fast knitter, it didn’t get updated very often.

Then I had a baby and the blog and I grew up a bit. We moved to Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. We changed our name. We started writing about more than just yarn.

But, let’s be honest, and I know this for a fact because I just spent quite a bit of time in the archives this week, the writing sucked. The only reason those early posts didn’t just get deep sixed is the subject matter. The writing might have been terrible, the posts either fluffy or just plain boring, but they offer a tiny glimpse into my life as a new mom, the challenges I faced, the joys that I embraced. If I ever have the time I might go back and archive them for good, but for now, they’re lurking in here, somewhere.

As blogging took off nationwide, I went through a phase when I felt that I had to, come hell or high water, post every single day, or risk losing readers. Then I realized that maybe I could skip the weekends. Finally it dawned on me that quality is way more important than quantity and I started only writing when true inspiration struck. Aren’t we all glad?

The design underwent a similar evolution. At first it was the no name platform, then a generic Blogger layout, and then, I decided to invest in myself and hired someone to design something that would make my blog look like “me.”

I loved that Blogger blog. I loved the dark paneling of the back, the notebook design, the photos of the kids at the top. I liked being on Blogger. It was a nice, safe, easy platform.

But last year I decided it was time for a change. Time for some more growing up. I had visions of things I could do with the blog that I couldn’t do on Blogger. I also had dread of days when traffic skyrocketed and I’d be left mentally begging Google not to shut me down. I wanted a little bit more control and ownership over the whole thing. Maybe even a little more space for the words to express themselves.

This move took a long time. It involved a lot of moving pieces and many, many frogs to face down and choke down. To say that I dragged my feet and made this a million times harder than it needed to be is the understatement of the year.

But here we are. Brand new digs. Clean. Fresh. Amazing new header by Becky Bayne. Lots and lots of space for the words to sing.

I hope you like it here. I’m still getting used to everything, kicking baseboards and flipping switches to see what they do, but I think it’s going to be a good place for me. I think I’ll stick around for a while.

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