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Embrace: My one word for 2014

standard January 2, 2014 6 responses

Every Tuesday morning I hike with a friend at a well known nearby trail. It takes us about an hour to hustle around the 3.3 mile loop. We chat about everything under the sun, exercising our bodies and exorcising our petty annoyances at our worlds. At the end we’re sweaty, happy, and feeling ready to face another week.

During one of these walks my friend mentioned that 2014 was going to be the year she gets fit and thin, and 2015 would be the year when she’d fix whatever hadn’t been “fixed” with the help of some plastic surgery.

Now, I’m not averse to plastic surgery. Heck, my father-in-law is a plastic surgeon and I’ve seen first hand how it can truly be a wonderful thing.

But the whole plan, the two year process, just the mere thought of all that time, all that effort, exhausted me. Not the actual effort, the working out, the eating better, etc, just the sheer amount of time that would have to be spent self-analyzing, self-critiquing…. bah. Exhausting.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent my whole life seeking out my flaws, physical and behavioral. I’m over it.

So I told her I was skipping straight to the 2016 portion of the plan. The part where we shrug and say “oh well, what you see is what you get” and get on with the business of living our lives.

I’m not going to stop eating as well as I can, or working out as often as I can. But I’m going to stop berating myself for every little perceived failure.

Because that’s what they are, perceived failures. Who sets that bar we all seem to measure ourselves against? Do we? Does society? And why do we allow ourselves to move that bar whenever we feel like it?

Madness I tell you. Or at least it leads to it. And I’m done with that for now.

2014, your word is Embrace. 

This year I vow to embrace who I am. 
All my flaws.
All my shortcomings.
All my failures.
All my successes.
All my quirks.
My looks.
My sense of humor.
My habits, both good and bad.

And it’s going to extend to beyond my personal sphere.

This year I vow to embrace what happens to me. 
The highs.
The lows.
The in-betweens.
The surprises.
The plans.
The changes in plans.
The challenges along the way.
The setbacks.
The opportunities.

I tell a lot of my friends that life flows along like a river. You can spend a lot of effort and time fighting the current, trying to force your way up stream or even force the river to change direction. Or you can relax and let the river flow, see where it takes you, open yourself to the uncontrolled adventure.

I’m convinced that the destination is the same. The river drops you off where it wants. But if you change the way you approach the journey, you’re the one who’s changed upon arrival.

I’m tired of fighting the river. I want to embrace the journey.

Last year my word was Brave and it served me well as I faced down many a personal demon and triumphed all the way! 

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6 responses

  • I love this, Jessica! I’m totally with you on the “skipping to the 2016” part 🙂 I’m interested in being healthy, of course, but I can’t waste any more time worrying if anyone notices this or that… My word is “Cultivate”– tend to things that matter; letting go of the dead weigh! I think 2014 will be a FAB year for both of us!!

  • I like that word, Jessica. I am still working out what my word will be…thinking “learn” or “seek” because that’s where I am right now.

  • I love this and YOU! Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings!

  • I agree with you about accepting ourselves, flaws and amazing parts equally, embracing it all. But the lose weight for me isn’t just to ‘look’ better, it is to actually be healthier and feel better. And while i am already pretty healthy as it is, I know that disease prevention is about maintaining a better weight (only about 10 more lbs for me). I look at making sure my weight is right for me as my form of self-plastic surgery!

  • Embrace is my word for 2014. Love how you will totally embrace yourself!

  • TBR’d your novel on Goodreads. Great word for 2014. Mine is “Order”.

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