Those who believe in me – 30 Days of Silver Linings & Gratitude – Day 1

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Day 1
Those who believe in me
So, as the heaps of Halloween candy littering my house (and the wrappers, filling up my office wastebasket… heh) can attest to, apparently it’s November. 
And we all know what November is, right? It’s pumpkin pie month!
Nah, it’s gratitude month! YAY gratitude! 
If being grateful for a few things every morning can radically alter your brain chemistry and turn you into a happier person, celebrating a whole month of gratitude has to do something awesome like help you win the lottery, right? Or maybe it just makes you feel like you’ve already won the lottery. Win/win really.
I’m kicking off this month-long series by proclaiming my gratitude for all the people who have never once wavered in their belief in me. Those who encouraged me, read my words, helped me edit, and told me again and again how much they liked what I wrote. 
My family, my friends, and even a few virtual strangers. All with enough faith to keep me moving forward when I wavered in my belief in myself. 
And all to what end? 
Oh, just this.. My book. For sale. Today. 
 Oh yeah. 
So, let’s think of this as a soft launch, shall we? It’s just the digital version. The paperback version will be out in the new year. Consider this a reward for all y’all who’ve gone Kindle.
I am SO excited. Please read it. Please tell your friends to read it. Please have them tell their friends. I’ll be forever grateful, and haven’t we already established that November is all about gratitude?
Thank you to everyone who made it possible for me to get to this point. You’re all amazingly awesome.

Want to see what else I’m grateful for?
Check it out below!

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