Twenty Chickens For a Saddle – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 5

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Book 5
Before I turned 12 I had already lived in three different countries and spoke two different languages. By 12 year-old standards I was pretty well traveled and world savvy. And yet, I stayed in the Northern Hemisphere and in 1st World Countries that were essentially interchangeable. School, home, communities… the language changed, but the rules remained the same. 
Robyn Scott moved around too as a kid, but instead of going from suburb to suburb, she moved from New Zealand to Botswana. This is the story of life as a child in rural Africa. Life where instead of going to school, you get to learn from the books you read and the life you live. 
I found this memoir fascinating for so many reasons, not the least of which was the incredible writing and story telling. Goes to show, you can be entirely self-taught and still write like you attended the world’s most elite schools. 
Read this if: You love stories that take you to foreign magical places. You enjoy stories that show you a very different way of life. You like reading about alternate parenting models. You love reading really well written memoirs. 

Would this make a good book club book? For sure. This book will spark great conversations about raising kids in radically different environments, about adventure, about childhood dangers, about different methods of schooling, and even about travel. 

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  • Great post and information. We joined a kids book club when our son was just 6 months old, and have read at least 30 minutes for him every single day, and clearly observe how far ahead of others he is now, so I highly recommend getting started as soon as possible. Other parents have found a great place to start.

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