The Poisonwood Bible – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 26

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 Book 26
The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver

Once, a long while ago, I received a book as a gift. The cover was meh. The title was meh. And so it sat on my ‘to read’ pile for a good long time.

And then, one day, the book caught my eye and I decided to give it a shot.

And I’m so very glad I did.

Somewhere on the way to Africa with the many colorful characters that fill the book’s pages, I fell in love with this book, fell in love hard.

The story about the mother having to make do in a world so very foreign to her. The story about sisters on other sides of… well… everything. The story of a man determined to do what he feels is right, in a world where his right makes zero sense. All of it was captivating and intoxicating.

Read this book if you haven’t yet. Please ignore the cover and the title. I promise that what’s inside is pure gold.

Read this book if: You enjoy stories set overseas. You like stories that show you a world you couldn’t imagine even if you tried. You love a good story about sibling rivalry and family challenges.

Would this make a good book club book? Definitely. You’ll talk about travel, about life overseas, about family challenges, about siblings, even about politics and religion. All the makings for a great conversation!

Want to read the other books on this list? Here they are!

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