The Eyes of the Dragon – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 13

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Book 13
The Eyes of the Dragon, by Stephen King
Once upon a time, (1987 to be specific) Stephen King’s children challenged him to write a story that wasn’t in his traditional genre. They wanted a non gory, non nightmarish story.
Who knows what actually motivated him, be it the fact that it was his kids, or the challenge of going out of his comfort zone, but Stephen rose to the challenge and delivered a book that utterly delighted me. 
This book, written with Stephen King’s usual talent, is a very classic fairy tale. King dies, heir needs to succeed, ugly and mean uncle wants the younger, more easily manipulable brother to take the throne and goes out of his way to make that happen. 
It has intrigue, love, friendship, magic, dragons (duh) and everything else you could possibly want in a fairytale. And no gore anywhere in sight. 
I’ve often wished Stephen King would write another book, or 10, in this genre, but I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that this was truly a one time thing. But hey, I can reread it as often as I want. YAY!
Read this if: You love a good fairytale. You enjoy stories of triumphant heroes and good friends. You like Stephen King’s voice, but not the blood and guts. 

Would this make a good book club book? It’s definitely not a typical book club book, but it does present a lot of great themes that could lead to great discussions. That said, if your bookclub doesn’t really “do” fantasy or fairytales, it might not be ideal.

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