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The Art of Racing In the Rain – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 8

standard October 9, 2013 Leave a response
Book 8

Most of the books I read have women as protagonists. OK, that might not be true, but at the very least they have humans as the main characters. This book features a dog.

I know, that seems like a rather odd and somewhat affected literary device, but, what can I say, in this case, it truly works.

This is the story of a guy who loves to race cars as seen through the eyes of his dog.

Yes, seriously. 

Now, please note, I neither particularly like racing cars or dogs, and yet, I was utterly charmed by this book. It’s fascinating to see the complexity of human life from a dog’s perspective. The moments are somehow sadder and happier than you would think. Simple truths are laid out in a way that we might not have noticed had the point of view been human. Funny enough for a book about racing, but this book really reminded me that to really live and love, sometimes you have to slow down.

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