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Everyone Is Beautiful – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 10

standard October 10, 2013 Leave a response
Book 10
Everyone Is Beautiful, by Katherine Center
So, as I mentioned yesterday, in times of great stress I tend to stop reading or I stick to formulaic books. And then sometimes I forget about entire genres of books. Even genres that I adore. 
Women’s fiction somehow went by the wayside in my post-2011 recovery phase. Which is ridiculous and ironic because, ahem, that’s what I write.
It took a book club read (a particularly meh one that I won’t be sharing in this series because, as I said, it was meh.) to get Amazon to start pushing Women’s Fiction at me again and click, clack, click, poof I “borrowed” one as my Kindle borrow for the month. 
Then I read another 5 in quick succession. 
This particular gem caught my attention because it was about a harried mom of little kids trying to remain sane in the middle of a move and general life upheaval. Having recently gone through that myself I thought I’d get a kick out of it. 
I found so much more in the story! 
This is the story of a mom to three little boys who has just moved because of her husband’s job. She’s lonely, she’s stressed, and she’s seriously overwhelmed by her little guys. It’s the story of how challenging it can be to parent and how hard it is to maintain a good relationship with your husband along the way. It also happens to be the story of how we as women tend to lose ourselves in the process and how difficult it can be to rediscover who we are in the middle of cheerios, toy cars, and sleepless nights.
I loved this story, and not just because it was a truly eye opening look into life with little boys as opposed to little girls. (All of my friends who are moms to boys have my sincere apology for any time I might have made a tiny widdle mental judgement. I owe you a latte and a pedicure. But I’m not watching your boys. So sorry.) It was just such a relief to read a story about what it’s really like to be in the trenches, one that’s not all doom and gloom in the end. 

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Note: Links to books are affiliate links. If you purchase something on Amazon after clicking the links you’ll be helping to fund my book buying habit. My husband will be very grateful.

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