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A Modern Witch – 31 Days of Great Books – Book 12

standard October 12, 2013 1 response
Book 12
A Modern Witch, by Debora Geary
Here are a few things you should know about me. 
1) I have a very wide range of books and genres that I enjoy reading. 
2) I have a soft spot for stories with some “fantastic” elements, especially what’s known as urban fantasy. (Fantasy set in the real world in modern day times that almost have more “normal” elements than fantastic.)
3) I’m a sucker for series. 
A total sucker. I love to read a good book, if that book has a sequel or 10, odds are very high that I won’t be able to move on until I have read the entire series.
Amazon preys on people like me. 
A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a book that had caught my eye after being pointed out to me by their recommendation software. As it so happened I hadn’t yet used my Amazon Prime “borrow one book a month for free” book. So, yay!, free book! 
So yeah, that was 13 books ago. Granted two of those are teensy novellas, but still. 
I might have a problem.
The series, because, let’s be honest, this post isn’t just about the first book, it’s about the entire slew of them, is about a family, by heart and by blood, of modern witches who live life like the rest of us… when they aren’t dealing with the unexpected hurdles having magic throws their way. Each book focuses on a different witch (usually one being introduced for the purpose of the book), but pulls in a regular cast of characters.
I fell in love with the easy writing style and the depth of the characters on book one and have been chain reading the sequels ever since. There is exactly 3% of the last book left to be read on my Kindle and I’m facing that momentary panic about having to say goodbye to the friends I’ve made as I devoured page after page, chapter after chapter, and book after book these last few weeks.
Lucky for me (and possibly you…) the author seems to be far from done with these particular characters. She just started a new spin-off series. Phew!
Read this book if: You love stories about strong families who believe that an abundance of love, patience, and open-mindedness is enough to get everyone through pretty much everything. You enjoy reading about witches or at the very least (in the words of the author) you “delight in the possibility of magic that exists in all of us.” You’re a sucker for a series of books that allow you to settle in and really get comfortable with a cast of characters until they start to feel like friends rather than just people on a page. 
Would this make a good book club book? Probably not. This is more one of those ‘brew a nice cuppa-tea, grab a cookie or two, and get cozy in your comfiest chair’ kind of reads. It won’t give you much to discuss, but it’ll leave you feeling comforted and content.
Please note: Debora Geary is an Amazon Exclusive author, which enables her to sell her book at really competitive rates. She does however want anyone to be able to read the book, even if they aren’t Kindle users. If you have another type of reader, buy the book on Amazon and email her for an alternate format. (Details on her website.) Some, not all, of the books are available in print format. 

Want to read the other books on this list? Here they are!

Note: Links to books are affiliate links. If you purchase something on Amazon after clicking the links you’ll be helping to fund my book buying habit. My husband will be very grateful.

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