Getting out from behind the camera. Literally.

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In some 20 days or so I will be boarding a plane and heading east for the only conference I’m attending this year.

I needed a year off from traveling, from shmoozing, from networking, and from trying to fit myself back into the mold I had made for myself before working for Tiny Prints.

Sometimes you just need time away to find yourself. 

I had plans to only attend Type A Parent Conference in Atlanta, then I learned about Click Retreat and decided I could stretch myself and attend two. As life would have it, something came up to make my trip to Atlanta impossible and, once again, there was just one.

I loved the thought of Click because it’s 100% focused on photography, which was something I truly wanted to work on this year, and 0% focused on my blog, which is something I really like to do sometimes.

A whole weekend spent behind the camera taking pictures in a beautiful place, surrounded by great people. Sounded like a dream come true to me.

That the delightful Grace Duffy is coming with me is both the whipped cream and cherry on the cake.

I’ve been counting down the days.

Then, this week, we received some pre-conference homework. We have to write about what “season of life” we find ourselves in and take (or have someone take) self portraits representing that season.

The homework was assigned by Me Ra Koh, one of my all-time idols, so I was all “squeeee! selfies! introspective work! yay!”

But reality has smacked me upside the head and now I’m definitely all “ack. I haven’t lost all the weight I said I’d lose. I don’t want pictures of me. I like being behind the camera. ugh. what a drag. how does one even represent a season in a photo?”

So, what’s a girl living her year of “brave” to do?

I’m asking my most no-nonsense, ‘cut the crap and just get on with it’ friend to take the photos. He’s an amazing photographer so I’m confident that the photos will look great. But mostly I’m counting on him to not let me weasel out of the homework.

After that I can go back to enjoying being behind the camera, right?

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