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4 days without apps, could you do it?

standard July 8, 2013 3 responses

This is a sponsored post for eBay on behalf of Splash Creative Media.

 This summer my baby is celebrating her 6th birthday. It seems inconceivable that she has been around that long let alone that she’s no longer a baby. And yet, when I think of her I can’t fathom of a world where she isn’t around, making funny quips, giggling, or driving us crazy with one of her tantrums opinionated moments.

Drama Queen from her very first moments.

When I stop to think that the Apple App Store is celebrating its 5th birthday this week I’m equally dumfounded. How is it that just 5 years ago we got along without apps? Without smart phones?

The Apple App Store launched on July 10, 2008 with the eBay app, so, eBay Mobile is also celebrating its 5th anniversary this week. In honor of this celebration they posed a bit of a challenge to 200 of their consumers.

They asked them to go without apps for 4 days.

Easy right? These apps are something they’ve only had to rely on for the last 5 years. Surely they’d be able to get along without them for 4 measly days, right?

Well, 1/3rd of them couldn’t. The rest found that once they got their apps back they were happier, less frustrated, calmer, and more productive.

There is no doubt that if I didn’t have my smart phone I’d be able to survive. Despite my husband’s belief to the contrary, I am not addicted to the thing (emotionally attached, yes, addicted no…), but I do rely on it heavily.

  • Without it I’d get lost frequently. I rely on my maps app more than I should admit.
  • Without it I’d have to be home more often. I use my mail app to stay in touch with clients while on the go with kids. 
  • Without it I think I’d be more lonely. Many a times my text and social media apps have made it possible for me to find friends who are also out and about so we can meet up and hang out. 
  • Without it I’d never know what to get at the grocery store. My husband and I both have a grocery app that allows us to add things to a central list from our remote locations. 
  • Without it my purse would be even heavier than it already is. I rely heavily on my book apps to help me cart around reading materials for myself and the kids. 
  • Without it I’d never know where I’m supposed to be. I have reminders for everything in my calendar app. As it is it’s nothing short of miraculous that the kids don’t miss appointments or school things, without the app there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hell that library books would get to school on the right day or that I’d know when the kids have minimum days. 

If I think about it, clearly I used to get along without all of these things. I had GPS in the car, I had a paper calendar, I checked email at work or when I was home. It was all do-able, but there’s no doubt at all that having a smartphone has made me more connected, more organized, and more flexible than I used to be.

Time for a Twitter party!
Come help me and the Splash Creative Media team celebrate the eBay Mobile 5th Anniversary on Wednesday, July 10th with a 1 hour Twitter party starting at 12pmPST. We’ll talk some more about how apps have improved our lives! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

We’ll be giving away $300 in eBay gift cards so be sure to RSVP and get the party details here. 

Date: Wednesday, July 10
Time: 12-1pm PST
Party URL: www.ebay.com/mobile5(Party URL will be live on the day of the event.)
Hashtag: #eBayMobile Please note: you must participate from that URL to be eligible to win.
Prizes: $25 eBay gift cards given away every 5 minutes to a Tweeter who has RSVPd below and is actively participating in the party from the above URL.

Please note: eBay is a client of Splash Creative Media, my digital media agency. I am being compensated to write this post and run this Twitter party, but my love for all things eBay and app related is mine and mine alone.

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3 responses

  • Seriously! how did we live without smartphones? We lived sans internet all last week. Most of our apps need to be connected to the internet so obviously we kind of lived without them. It was ok, but made the week a little longer as we did not have any entertainment from electronics whatsoever. We survived, now we are back online and can’t tell you how happier we are. We now are updated on news, family and more.

  • I think I might die! Ok, that’s a little over the top, but it may feel that way. It’s an extension of my daily existence. I use it for music, social networking, email, and so so much more.

  • My smartphone makes life SO MUCH EASIER. Yeah, sometimes I need to just put it down, but overall I think it saves time and aggravation. I don’t think I could live without it for 5 days without having a heart attack! LOL

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