A great new service to the rescue! Introducing ClubLocal to the Bay Area crowd.

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Before I met my friend Beth I never knew who to call when I needed a plumber, a handyman, or anyone for that matter. Now, when my roof springs a leak, when my garbage disposal backs-up, when I realize that something needs to be fixed on the rather urgent side, I grab my phone and text her.

It’s wonderful having a Beth in your life.

Sadly, not everyone can have a Beth in their back pocket. (Hands off! She’s mine! Unless you’re moving to the Bay Area or already live here, want to move, and need a great realtor. Then I’ll lend her to you for a bit.) Lucky for you (if you live in the Bay Area or in Dallas), a new service, ClubLocal.com, has just launched. I’m pretty sure that you’ll come to love almost as much as I love my Beth.

Let me walk you through it.

The awesome people at ClubLocal have sat down and carefully vetted a large number of service providers. They’ve checked their background, their licences, even their insurance status. Then they set them up to be ClubLocal vendors.

Here’s where you come in.

You realize that you have something around the house that needs doing. A car that needs detailing. Some plumbing that needs tending to. A faulty switch that needs fixing. You hop onto the ClubLocal website, or the iPhone app, and type in your zip code.

And there you have it. In four easy steps (three if you’ve already done it once) you have booked your service.

ClubLocal booking page

Instead of spending precious time looking up vendors, checking with friends to see if they’re any good, and then calling around to set up appointments, ClubLocal does it all for you.

You pick the type of vendor you need and the date and time you want to see them, ClubLocal sends you the most highly rated service provider available at that time.

It really is that easy. I tried it.

I wanted someone to come convert some external lights into motion sensored lights. I hoped on to the ClubLocal website and asked for a handyman to come the next day at noon. (I could have had someone come the same day, but I wasn’t going to be home.)

Within minutes someone from ClubLocal called me to tell me that what I really needed to do the job I had described was an electrician so they’d gone ahead and cancelled the handyman and booked an electrician for the same time slot.

The next day, just before twelve I got an email letting me know that Ramon, my electrician, was on his way. The email included a picture of him, so I’d know that the right guy was at the door. At twelve on the dot, he showed up, sporting a clean uniform and a ClubLocal lanyard and ID card slung around his neck.

Within moments we had come to an agreement about what needed to be done and how much it was going to cost and he was off to collect supplies.

My service window was 12-2pm. Just before 2pm Ramon was done with my lights, had swiped my credit card payment, and was off with a cheery wave and the injuction to call if the lights weren’t working properly.

Done. Diddley. Done.

I always worry that any service provider is going to notice that I’m a mom, home with the kids, and is going to try to fleece me. What do I know about the cost of a basic electrical job?

To set minds at ease, ClubLocal negotiated with all their service providers and got them to agree to fixed prices for every service they provide. So, even before you book a job you can look on the website to see how much it’s going to cost.

Between work, the kids, the house, the cat, the husband, and all the time I seem to spend at the kids’ school I neither have the time nor the desire to hunt down the perfect guy. Even with Beth’s recommendations in hand I still have to sit down and call to make appointments. ClubLocal makes it ridiculously easy to schedule everything.

Which is a good thing because my husband hates the new lights and wants to switch back to the old ones. You just can’t win them all.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or in Dallas, check out ClubLocal. Just for signing up you’ll get a great credit towards your first service.

Please note: I have been working with ClubLocal to help promote their new Bay Area service and I am being compensated for this post. My experience and opinions about the company and the service and mine and mine alone.

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